Ectaco Taking Pre-Orders for Their New jetbook mini Ebook Readers – $99.95!

Ectaco is a company known for electronic translators, translation software, and ebook readers.  They are introducing their new jetbook mini – the most inexpensive ebook reader on the market.  It has a 5″ TFT screen, adjustable fonts, and it will run for 90 hours on 4 AAA batteries (first set is included).  The jetbook mini offers multi-language support for English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian.  You can rotate it for right- or left-handed reading.  It supports LIT, MOBI, EPUB, HTML, PRC, RTF, PDB, and PDF (if you use a program called Calibre to convert the PDF to TXT and FB2).  The jetbook mini is available in Anthracite Black or California Yellow for $99.95.  Pre-orders are being taken now with a ship date of October 1.  Check out the Ectaco website to watch a demo video for the jetbook mini.

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  • qwerty017 September 14, 2010, 3:49 pm

    This isn’t a rant at you specifically but I am getting tired of advertisements that claim something if it isn’t true. The Ectaco does not support PDF. It does support a format that PDF can be converted into but then it is no longer a PDF. That would be like me saying that the IPad supports flash if you use this other program to convert it to HTML5. Well, then it no longer is playing a flash video. The fact that something can be converted from a non-compatible format to a compatible one does not mean the incompatible one is now suddenly compatible. /Rant
    Anyways, that does look nice for the price.

  • FUCHIKOMA.X September 14, 2010, 4:05 pm

    what is limiting to some is the SDHC GB limit. and the CALIBRE catch all for almost any format you need to use. here is what i copied from them. don’t get me wrong. I study Japanese and they are supporting a niche market for language dictionaries on portable form factors but this may put off some people not on the tech savvy side:

    * Multi-Language interface support for English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Spanish, Polish and Russian
    * First and only eReader in the world to run on 4 AAA batteries (Energizer batteries included)
    * Up to 90 hours of reading time
    * All-way reading rotation for righties and lefties
    * 5″ TFT screen and smaller size for ultra portability
    * Adjustable font sizes
    * Text alignment, spacing, breaking, and encoding options
    * Clock and date functions
    * Support for LIT, MOBI, EPUB, HTML, PRC, RTF, PDB, PDF via Calibre conversion to TXT and FB2.
    * SD Card expandability up to 2 GB

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