Mr. Coffee® Café Frappe Maker

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mr coffee cafe frappe makerI have a serious addiction to Starbucks’ Frappuccino drinks.  My husband and I usually go to the local Barnes and Noble every Saturday (and sometimes on Sunday, too) to peruse the magazines and have something to drink.  I’m diabetic, so I always get a caramel frappuccino made with the sugar-free syrups.  Starbucks drinks are expensive, especially if we go twice during the weekend.  Mr. Coffee has introduced the Café Frappe Maker that promises to make icy blended coffee drinks in three minutes.  The Café Frappe Maker brews coffee directly into a blender that you’ve pre-loaded with ice, milk, and some flavored syrup.  At $79.99, it should pay for itself in no time!

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  2. Today, you are officially my hero. I have been wanting a device like this for some time now. Just discovered Bed Bath and Beyond sells them for $69, so off I go with my 20% off coupon in hand. I figure after the first 15 uses, it will have paid for itself…

  3. And you, kryptik, are my hero! We have a Bed, Bath, and Beyond in town. I signed up for emails and got a 20% off coupon of my own, so we’re off to look for the frappe maker, too!

  4. Update: Just got back with mine a little while ago, washed everything up, loaded some coffee and ice, and WHAMMO! My very own mocha frappe. Works great, and for $55 you can’t beat it. Now if only my Tom Bihn Ristretto iPad bag would arrive, I would be one happy guy. You guys at the Gadgeteer are costing me a fortune…

  5. @kryptik I’m jealous. Neither of the Bed Bath and Beyond stores in town had the frappe maker. I ended up using my 20% off coupon on a Christmas gift for somebody else. I was so disappointed I had to go to Barnes and Noble and have a frappuccino.

  6. I’ve been thinking of getting one of these (from w/Prime)…but I’m running out of space for all my kitchen gadgets (actually, I already have…but it hasn’t fully stopped me yet…there’s a few new, still in their box gadgets that I need to get to)

    Thinking I need something with multiple levels to replace the table that serves as an ‘appliance island’… hmmm

    But, looking for reviews on whether I really want to add it to my collection of coffee making ones (I have a few that I no longer use, yet can’t get to where they should go away….) I don’t get these kinds of drinks now….and its start to cool down…

    There need to be more affordable single serve machines that let me use my own coffee…that I grind myself (or it burr grinds for me 😎

    The Dreamer

  7. I finally got one of these last night – we just went to Target and paid full price for it. We haven’t tried it out yet, but I plan to make drinks today. I’ll write up a review after we’ve tried it a couple of times.

  8. @Fred OMG! Why would you think a multi-step process with regular equipment would suffice when there is a single gadget available to do it all! 😉 🙂

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