Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

After reading Robin’s post yesterday about her dog being attacked by off-leash dogs, I remembered seeing the Dog Dazer while surfing the Sky Mall site.  The Dog Dazer emits a high-frequency sound that’s painful to dog’s ears, but inaudible to humans.  Use a 1-2 second burst to startle and hopefully deter a threatening dog from as far as 20 feet away.  Of course, I’d probably want some pepper spray as well, just in case.  The Dog Dazer is $59.95.  Sky Mall also has the Dog-Off Deluxe version, which adds a belt clip, flashlight, and an audible alarm to also deter human attackers.  The Dog-Off Deluxe is $69.95.

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7 thoughts on “Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent”

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  2. I had one of these things issued to me by a company I worked for a while back. I had a dog practically take it out of my hand. I went back to pepper spray, and tossed the electronic gizmo in the trash.

  3. Back when I was a kid, at camp one summer a fellow camper had had one of them. I could hear the “ultrasonic” signal and it would incapacitate me too. it was painfully loud to me, but the other folks in the room couldn’t hear it.

  4. Janet cloninger -Look at some you tube videos of vicious dog attacks
    and you will not be quite so concerned with being “nice” to a vicious dog.

  5. Janet Cloninger

    @2bsafe Perhaps you should read what I said again. I said it would be nice to deter the dog before it got close enough for me to resort to using pepper spray. I was concerned with my safety, not being nice.

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