You Can Now Watch Netflix Streaming Content on your iPhone or iPod touch!

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I checked for updates to the apps on my iPad today and saw that I had an update for Netflix.  The Netflix app for iPad that lets you access your Netflix account and watch streaming movies and TV shows has been updated to also work on iPhones and iPod touches.  The app requires iOS 3.1.3 or later.  I’ve found that the Netflix app works flawlessly with my iPad.  I’ve watched many movies and TV shows on my iPad, and I’ve been able to search their database and add content to my Netflix queues for later watching on my TV.  Hopefully it will work just as well on iPhones and iPod touches.  The Netflix app is free, but it does require you to have a Netflix account.

10 thoughts on “You Can Now Watch Netflix Streaming Content on your iPhone or iPod touch!”

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  2. I installed it this morning on my iPhone 3GS running 4.0.1 and it works just great!

    On my son’s iPod Touch 2, 8-gig, running 3.1.3, it works acceptably, with some lag.

    Very, very cool. Thanks Netflix!

  3. Wahoo!!!! I am so happy to read that this is available!! I’m anxiously waiting for a shipping update for my Kindle 3 and this really made my day. 🙂 I’ve downloaded it and it works great!

  4. Looks good, but I wonder why the app doesn’t also let you manage your DVD queue. Many newer titles are not yet available for instant viewing, so I do still have discs mailed frequently.

  5. As someone who has an instant queue almost 400 strong, to say I’m thrilled about this would be an understatement. I’ve been using it the last couple days, and it works flawlessly. While it is odd that you have to use a separate app to manage your dvd queue, the fact that I can watch instantly over 3G makes it all worth it. Also glad I didn’t dump my unlimited plan for one of at&t’s cheaper 2gb plans. This one is going to hurt them…

  6. @hippo To watch streaming content on your TV, you’ll need a Netflix-ready device. There are various media players, certain game consoles, and internet-connected Blu-ray players and TVs that you can use to watch Netflix on your TV. You can see a list of some of these devices on the Netflix website. There are other devices that will work, and I think that the newest Apple iTV is supposed to support Netflix.

  7. You need the unlimited plan though. If you have the old $4.99 2 per month plan, it does not allow you to use Netflix on your ipad. It still works on your PC but not your ipad….. Very disappointing (if you are not a shareholder…).

  8. @tk I was able to watch Netflix on my iPad when I had only the 1-dvd-at-a-time plan for about $9.00 a month. More than the $5.00 a month you’re talking about, but still inexpensive.

  9. I downloaded Netflix app on my iPad wifi only 2days ago, but at the log in screen when I enter my login name and password, it stops there and keeps saying login time ended!! Does anyone know how to fix the problem. I can’t even get to the next screen.

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