BlueLounge SpaceStation Organizes Your Desk and Cools Your Laptop

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The BlueLounge SpaceStation looks simple – that’s it in the front of the picture – but it performs many jobs.  The SpaceStation is wedge-shaped, so resting the back of a laptop on it results in a more comfortable keyboard angle, and it allows air to flow underneath to keep the laptop cool.  The top of the SpaceStation is a rubber mat, so you can rest your phone, external disk, or other peripherals on it without fear of scratching.  The back of the unit has a business card holder and page holder for letter-sized papers.  The true magic is underneath the SpaceStation, where you’ll find a 4-port USB 2.0 hub and “coiling pins” to corral excess cables from all your peripherals – you’ll only have one cable to plug into your laptop.  You’ll get an AC adapter so you’ll be able to power multiple devices from the hub.  The SpaceStation is $79.95 from BlueLounge.

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