Sima Inflatable Backyard Home Theater Kit

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The Sima  12-foot inflatable kit lets you turn your backyard into a theater.  The giant screen system comes with tie-downs and an electric pump for quick inflation.  The screen has a 16:9 widescreen ratio, but is compatible with 4:3 video.  The screen is bright, white vinyl that can be used with any front or rear projector.  It also comes with a pair of 8″, self-powered, moisture-resistant speakers.  The speakers are 80W and reproduce 50-20,000 Hz.  There’s a line-out jack so you can expand the sound system.  The Sima Inflatable Backyard Home Theater Kit is about $1700.00 from Sima, but it’s $949.95 from B&H online.

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6 thoughts on “Sima Inflatable Backyard Home Theater Kit”

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  2. @Al – Gee, I guess I’ll retort that it’s perfect for watching the gas-bags (Rove & Limbaugh) on a bag-of-gas. >:-P

    On-topic: That would be great for fall football parties either in the backyard or in the garage.

  3. “…The screen has a 16:9 widescreen ratio, but is compatible with 4:3 video…”

    Wow – such ‘compatibility’ features in a vinyl screen?
    Comment of the year right there!

  4. 2X4s and staple gun from Home Depot.
    + long flexible pvc pipe as a spring to hold the screen taut
    + Light block fabric from Joann Fabrics
    + Outdoor umbrella stands from yard sales
    = home made rollup screen.

    If I had $1800 burning a hole in my pocket, I would buy panasonic’s PTAE4000U PROJECTOR

  5. This looks great for presentations – sound system and screen that can fit in your car and you inflate on the spot!

    And guys, this is all about gadgets. There’re more than enough blogs and discussion boards to talk smack about your favorite politician, let’s stay on target here.

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