Spot for Earphones Review

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How do you store your earbuds while they are not being used? Do you wad them up, cables and all and stuff them in your gearbag or pocket? Do you use a twisty tie? Are you fed up with whatever Macgyver-esque solution you’ve invented? Spot for Earphones might be an alternative for you. Let’s take a closer look.

First of all, Spot is available for earphones and Bluetooth headsets with earbuds. I was sent the earphone version of this product.

Spot for Earphones comes packaged in a small draw-string cloth bag that you’ll probably never use again once you remove the product for the first time.

Package Includes

Spot for Earphones
Car vent clip

The Spot (as I’ll be calling it from now on) is basically two molded Black rubber bands attached to a hard plastic base.

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Attached to the back of the plastic base is a spring loaded swivel clip with a simple locking mechanism.

Before I show you how the Spot holds earbuds, I want to show you how I’ve been storing my own earbuds for years now. I have a rubber covered magnetic clip that I snap around the cables that I’ve quickly wound around my hand. No fuss, little muss. I say little muss because even with this clip, the cable can still sometimes get a bit tangled when I unwrap them. Nothing usually too serious though.

To use the Spot for Earphones, you first wiggle each earbud into the rubber slots.

Then you wind the cable around the center of the Spot.

When there is no more cable left to wind, you pinch the spring clip and slide the end of the cable to hold it in place. Pretty simple.

The only thing is that it takes me about 3 times as long to wind the cable around the Spot as it does to wind it around my hand…

But, the Spot does have a couple handy features that my solution lacks. It can clip on to my jeans, or an inside pocket in my gear bag so that I can easily find it.

And using the included itty bitty binder clip, you can clip it to an AC air vent in your car. I don’t see this last feature as that handy as earphones shouldn’t really be used in a car (at least for driver!). But this is a nice feature to use for the Bluetooth version of the Spot.

The nicest feature of the Spot is that the cables can be easily unwound without any fear of tangles. Just unclip the end of the cable. Hold the end and just let the other part fall to the floor. It will unwind as it does (there’s a video on the Spot site that demos this feature).

When it comes down to it, for me, it takes me longer to store my earbuds using this product than my magnet clip. Although the Spot is niftier, if it takes me longer to use, I probably won’t use it. The price is also a little on the steep side in my opinion. Although I haven’t tried the Bluetooth version of this product, I see it as something I would probably recommend more, just due to the fact that there aren’t many other (if any) Bluetooth headset storage solutions for cars. As for the Spot for Earphones, I think I’ll keep using my lame old magnetic clip. What do you use to hold your earbuds?

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  2. I really like your choice of jeans and t-shirt.

    I need something for my shuffle (latest gen). The chord for the headphones are all tangled, and man if I ever need a case of some sort to keep them all together. Whoa is me, man!

  3. seems to me that it’s just as easy to wrap the buds as you are doing now and toss them into the bag that the Spot comes with – the clip thing seems somewhat superfluous.

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