iLuv Announces Their Line of iPhone 4 Cases

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iLuv has announced a new line of cases and screen protectors for Apple’s new iPhone 4 that include metallic, leather, soft coated ultra thin silicone cases to 2-way privacy screen protectors and glare-free screen protectors. These new accessories will be available soon at prices ranging from $14.99 to $49.99 at I know it’s not a full case, but the one that caught my eye is the iCC700 EDGE. It’s a silicone trim available in 8 colors, that just fits around the edges of the phone.

7 thoughts on “iLuv Announces Their Line of iPhone 4 Cases”

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  2. Nice cases but, aren’t you covering the iPhone “antenna” with these covers? Kind of defeats the purpose of trying to improve phone reception.

    1. @The Captain I wonder if a silicone band would hinder reception. Hmmmmm…. What about wrapping your hand around it when you talk? That’s the first thing that popped in my mind when I read about the new design. Maybe the person holding the phone becomes a huge antenna 😉

  3. Silicone does not attenuate electromagnetic signals within the GSM frequency ranges. In other words, the silicone case does not hinder reception. Yes, depending on how/where a person’s hand/body is placed near/around a phone, it may help or hinder reception.

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