Barbie Goes Geek Follow Up

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If you remember, a few months back, I broke the  “big tech” story on The Gadgeteer with Mattel’s new offering of Software Engineer Barbie.  She had all the nerdly accouterments and stylish outfit to boot.  Mattel’s intention (?!) was to “empower” young girls and motivate them towards exciting careers in computer technology.  However, I will reiterate that Software Engineer Barbie was the adult’s favorite pick.  The favored career by the actual demographic targeted by Mattel( i.e. young girls) was  News Anchor Barbie.  Better clothes, more makeup, and let’s face it, in this  economy, better pay.

Mattel isn’t giving up.  And neither are the geeks, married to non geeks,  who are determined to see at least one of their children in a laptop by age five.    That’s the situation in my household.  My husband is a software engineer.  I’m the practical, aspiring writer and accidental housewife with the biting wit.  He wants any children we might be blessed with in laptops and Bluetooth headsets (Blueteeth?) by age five.  I say no.  Mattel just made a case for my husband should we ever have a daughter.  Enter the  Samsung   X170 Barbie Special Edition laptop.  It’s nicely spruced up with a Core 2 Duo CPU ,4GB of RAM and 500GB of storage.  The X170’s stock battery is being advertised as being able to last for up to 9 hours . Available in pink or black with the iconic Barbie logo, it’s aimed at and for girls with lots of Barbie avatars and purported “bloatware”.

Would I get one for my daughter if I had a daughter?  Good question.

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