New budget Garmin Forerunner unveiled

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The brand new Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS watch, designed primarily for joggers has recently been unveiled.  It’s sleak, small and packed to the hilt with features.  Garmin have also said it will be priced reasonably too.

The 110 Forerunner will be Garmin’s latest entry-level watch however, don’t be fooled as just because it’ll be its cheapest model, it’ll still pack a punch when it comes to fetaures.   Firstly, it will run for eight hours in GPS mode, and three weeks on standby, and it will use Garmin’s ‘HotFix’ technology in order to keep track of your route, even when your shrouded by trees and buildings!

When you back in the house catching your breath, you can upload your stats to Garmin Connect, but it’ll store up to 200 hours of data on its own, so if you’d rather grab a shower when you back and you forget to upload, it’s no big deal! And, the clever little gizmo will even work with Garmin heart rate monitors, so you can see just how many calories you’re burning during your pavement pounding routines.

The Garmin Forerunner 110 will be available in April, after being put on display at the Garmin booths at the Paris, Boston and London marathons.  After this time, your local running shop will be stocking it.  No firm word on pricing yet though.

[Via Garmin Blog]

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  2. @Ekstor I think maybe Garmin have weighed up the amount of features the watch actually has and outlined £199 (or $250) as an initial ‘kick-off’ price. I can see this coming down pretty quickly to be honest, as a lot of GPS watches that have these features cost less than this one. I would give it a few months after it’s release and the cost will be around the $175 mark, maybe less from online resellers.

  3. Been using the 110 for a few months now and am absolutely loving it!

    bought it for $160 from Amazon which I thought was pretty good as no other gps watch matches the functionality of the 110 for the same price bracket


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