Quick charging…. literally!

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zipcharge newsThe guys over at Freeplay who kindly came up with the idea for the infamous Wind-up Radio, have now came up with a super-fast method of charging your gear.  It’s called the ZipCharge Quick Charger.

Basically, the ZipCharge is a high conversion efficiency rechargeable nano-phosphate lithium cell, that has an 1100mAh capacity.  It utilises very clever lithium-ion battery technology & chemistry and Freeplay say it will charge four times faster than a normal lithium-ion cell.

This means that charging it for only 15 minutes can provide full power for your iPod, mobile phone or even the ability to snap 800 pictures on your digi camera.  Not quick enough?  Well, if you’re in a real hurry and need some juice for your kit, then fear not.  Pop the Zipcharge on charge for just 60 seconds (Yep, you read right… 60 seconds) and you’ll have enough juice to power your iPod for two hours, take around 80 pictures with your camera, or keep your mobile on stand-by for 8 hours (15 mins talk time).  Impressive!

There are a range of adaptors included with the ZipCharge, so it’ll charge almost anything out of your gadget collection.

The ZipCharge Quick Charger is priced at £49.99 and is available from Firebox

4 thoughts on “Quick charging…. literally!”

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  2. Anybody have any idea what kind of hazardous effect this may have on the batteries themselves?
    High charge levels and elevated temperatures (things I’d expect from force charging the batteries) are known to result in permanent loss of capacity for lithium ion batteries.

  3. @Tip The ZipCharge has been specially designed, i.e. in terms of it’s internal battery. It’s not a ‘standard’ lithium-ion battery and is able to withstand a charge of between 60 seconds to 15 minutes, which is then able to power your device. It’s not designed to charge your device at this rate, just power them, as the batteries will more than likely explode.

    I would expect it’s gone through many rigorous tests, so it’ll be quite safe.

  4. Thanks James.
    My bad — I mis-read the purpose of the thing — its really an alternative power supply that fast charges itself and not a fast charge device for the powered device’s own batteries. It will charge the internal batteries of your device but at the normal charging rate.

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