Recycled Tees Laptop Sleeves

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There is a rule in my house–for every t-shirt I buy, my girlfriend makes me part with two others.  To a normal person this might be a simple task of weeding, but for me it’s akin to parting ways with a longtime friend.  I can easily think of a dozen shirts I own, do not wear, but cannot possibly part ways with (I’m looking at you, college tee collection).  Hello Rewind is a company who heard this plight and constructed a business around it.  For $49 they send you a prepaid envelope for your t-shirt, sew it into a laptop sleeve in the size of your choosing (with the addition of felt and batting for extra padding), and send the final product to you after 4-8 weeks.  They currently offer 13, 15, and 17″ sizing universal to any Mac laptops.  The premise alone makes this company pretty cool in my book, but then they went a step further by partnering with the nonprofit organization Restore NYC to support sex trafficking survivors.  Hello Rewind works with Restore NYC to teach survivors life and trade skills through free classes and workshops as well as hiring and fairly paying these women to manufacture a portion of the sleeves.  I’m thrilled with this company’s mission and the means by which they’re achieving it.  Now to my closet to figure out which circa-1999 shirt my Macbook would look best in…

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