A Gel Covered Mouse?

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The Jelfin ball shaped mouse has a soft gel covering and has been designed with ergonomics and comfort in mind. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t look very ergonomic to me. Although it might be soft to the touch, it seems like it would be uncomfortable to curl your hand over it. What do you all think? Would you even consider trying a mouse shaped like this one? If you’re curious, you can buy one for $34.95

6 thoughts on “A Gel Covered Mouse?”

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  2. Actually, if you just relax all the muscles in the hand, it curls up (at least mine, maybe I’m a freak) so there could be something to it.

    That said, I am still very happy with my Evoluent vertical mouse.

  3. @Martin
    Mine does too so maybe you’re onto something. Or I’m a freak also. 🙂

    What I’m waiting for is a decent heated mouse or mousepad. I’m at the computer most of the day using Solidworks and my left hand stays warm because it is always moving across the keys. My other hand, however, just sits there…and on many days it gets cold from lack of movement.
    I have contemplated making my own heated mousepad just for my own personal use.

  4. ooo….thank you Julie! 🙂

    I looked for something like that a couple of years ago and found very little. I even searched the Patent database and found that the patents were already taken (which foiled my plans of inventing my own)

  5. I would definitely give this a second look. There is often a space/void between the palm and the top surface of the mouse – which causes us to support our hand with the wrist and squeeze the mouse between the thumb and fingers 4 and 5. The hand is never really in a restful, position. Some models have begun to build up the profile of a mouse to give inner palm support. If I could hold onto a baseball shaped object and get the same control I have now, I’d go for it – gel or not.

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