MiteMite Newspaper Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro

mitemite-newspaper-laptop-bag-1If you like unusual accessories or if you want to disguise your laptop from thieves, a company in Spain may have your answer.  MiteMite Unnecessary Objects Lab produces vinyl laptop sleeves that look like folded newspapers.  You can choose from four different European newspapers.  The bags are designed for the MacBook Pro, but they can accommodate other laptops in their 15 X 11 inch interior.  They cost about 60 Euros (that’s about 85 American dollars), directly from MiteMite.

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2 thoughts on “MiteMite Newspaper Laptop Sleeve for MacBook Pro”

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  2. Actually, its not a bad piece of urban camouflage – walk down some streets with a laptop or an obvious laptop case and you’re gonna get mugged. Walk down the street with a folded newspaper, who’s gonna notice?

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