BearExtender n3 Boosts Your Mac’s WiFi Range By 4x

bearextenderDoes your Mac’s WiFi need a little extra power? The BearExtender n3 802.11n WiFi adapter has a maximum output of 700 mW compared to 32 mW output from an Airport Extreme card. Combined with an external 2 dBi gain antenna the BearExtender n3 offers up to 2-4 times the range of your current wireless card (approximately 2X for AirPort Extreme and 4X for the original AirPort 11 mbps card). It looks pretty bulky add-on for your laptop, but the price isn’t bad at $44.97.

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  • Mystech December 21, 2009, 1:33 pm

    Alas, my MacBook Pro is running Windows 7 more often than Snow Leopard. It doesn’t look like this product is “Boot Camp” friendly. 🙁

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