The Sims 3 for Android Review

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Sim 2If you’re the type that likes to make people do your bidding as well as create your own virtual world then Sims 3 from EA Sports is for you. You even have the choice to make your character as nice or as sleazy as you want.

The Sims 3 for Android is the third installment in the Sims franchise. It has the same concept as the previous Sims 1 and 2.

Sims is a game in which a player controls the everyday activities of his or her player which they’ve created. Unlike traditional games where a player has a goal to attain Sims 3 doesn’t have a goal. Well, not necessarily. As in life you have to make sure your Sim doesn’t die from starvation, get electrocuted, or drown. I guess staying alive is a goal.

However, You have to try to keep up with onscreen pop-ups which help you direct or maneuver your Sim throughout the game.

Sim 3

You can create life-like Sims, or characters, from a various selection of traits and characteristics through the Create-A-Sim screen. Choose from personality traits to clothing to gender. I wish there were more selections of clothes and outfits. The presets they had seemed to be very generic. No graphics on the shirts just plain solid colors and patterns. I would like to have seen a little more customization in choosing outfits.

Sim 1

You can also design the surroundings of the Sims environment through the Create-A-Style feature.

The Sims 3 has a Wish system which has replaced the previous Sims’ Wants and Fears system. This challenge system helps contribute to the Lifetime Happiness Score which can be later used to purchase Lifetime Happiness Rewards.

In addition to the Wish system, The Sims has incorporated a Moodlet system. The Moodlets are simple activities for your Sim such as taking a shower, watching TV or taking a nap. I guess the makers at EA wanted to give the Sims characters some human attributes that occur in real life.

Many of the wishes are based upon your Sims personality traits that you create before you start playing. As you play the game there are tasks that you can choose to do or not do. If you accept the task  your Sim develops skills by completing them.

There is an optional feature included called Story Progression which allows the Sim characters to continue their everyday lives just as your character would like getting a job, getting married, have children, etc. It also features a living neighborhood. That is a feature that allows all characters to age at the same time.

Now, if you are gamer who likes action and fast paced challenges then this game may not be for you. The Sims is more of a role-playing game so it’s a kind of play as you go.

Although this is an Electronic Arts product,  The Sims 3 for Android download is only available at so it is not a Market app.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Ea Sports
  • New additions of the Wish system and Moodlet.
  • New features such as Lifetime Happiness Rewards.
  • slight lag between screens.
  • Only one neighborhood in the game.

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  2. I have an enVTouch and I downloaded Sims 3 on my phone. It was working well, but all of a sudden the mouse began to lag.. like it moves really little by little so that i cant move quickly.Help!

  3. installed the game. played for about 20 mins then the game force closed after trying to read a book in a neighbors bookshelf. the error message that I got was wierd because it said that I didn’t have enough memory when i have 6 gigs left still. i rebooted my phone to see if that’s all it needed. Well now it won’t load at all. It’ll load 2% and then crash with no force close. it does the same thing over and over now and will not load at all.

    also, download only using wifi because otherwise you have a couple hours wait time to download it. if you have the new Market update, 15 minute refund time isn’t enough to download and play and test. if you’re still on 24 hour refund, it wouldn’t matter if you did it on 3g/4g or wifi. im on mytouch 4g.

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