Khet – “Strategy at the Speed of Light”

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khet-laser-gameKhet, a boardgame from Innovention Toys, LLC, combines lasers, Egyptian-themed playing pieces, and chess-like strategy in a two-person game.  Innovention says the game is easy to learn because all pieces move the same way.  Players may move a piece or rotate it up to 90 degrees during a turn.  After each turn, the laser is lighted.  Unless there is smoke or fog on the board, the laser is invisible until it hits a non-reflective surface.  Any playing piece that is illuminated is removed from the board.  The object is to use your mirrored pieces to illuminate your opponent’s Pharaoh.

There are expansion packs available.  One pack adds an Eye of Horus beam-splitter to each player’s arsenal.  The Tower of Kadesh expansion pack turns the playing board into a 2-level field.

You can order directly from Innovention or  The game is carried in some brick-and-mortar stores as well.  Use the store locator on the Innovention website to find stores in your area.  Amazon carries both the original game and the 2009 version, though they don’t describe what the differences are.

Note:  The game carries a warning that it uses 2 Class II lasers and is for players aged 9 and up.   The game costs about $50, depending on your source.  Expansion packs are about $15 to $25.

5 thoughts on “Khet – “Strategy at the Speed of Light””

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  2. @Julie Well, you know what they say… It’s all fun until someone loses an eye! 🙂 🙂 I ordered this game and the expansion packs. Maybe I should order some goggles, too!

  3. ThinkGeek also carries the game and the expansions. Janet, please let us know how you like the game… I’ve had this on my ThinkGeek wishlist for a while now, but didn’t dare to pony up $50 for a board game that I’d never had a chance to play first.

  4. I will, Andy. Amazon shipped it already, so I should have it this week. I’ll write a review after we’ve played with it a few times. By the way, Amazon had the original version of the game for about $35. I ordered the “2009 version” of the game, but I have no idea what may be different. Probably just put the words “2009 version” on the box!

  5. I played this game at a party back in August and was a lot of fun. Not sure how much I’d want to replay it, but it certainly makes you think!

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