ScanSound Right-BUD Stereo Headset for iPhone Review

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scansound-1Like many states, it’s the law to use hands-free headsets when driving.  I always like using bluetooth headsets but it gets annoying when I forget to charge it or it just runs out of battery right when I’m in the middle of a call.  The iPhone’s two-eared stereo headset is ok for music and the occasional phone calls but it does sound weird hearing it with two ears.  I know that I can always take one bud out of the ear and just use one side to listen but I just don’t like to have the extra bud’s cord flying free.  Yes I’m just that picky!  Some of you might still remember back in the days, before the invention of bluetooth headsets, that we had indeed been using single ear corded headsets with our cell phones.  I’ve dug a few of those single eared headsets out of storage only to find that they don’t work with my iPhone.  That’s where ScanSound’s Right-BUD Stereo Headset for the iPhone comes in.

scansound-3 scansound-4

ScanSound offers both left or right single ear corded headset for the iPhone.  I got the Right-BUD version.  The headset comes in a clear tube.  Nothing really fancy in the packaging but it does showcase the headset.  Taking the headset out was quite a struggle since the clear plastic sleeve that holds the headset in place seems just a tad bigger than the tube.  It took some trying but it did slide out finally.


The build quality of the headset is really nice.  It fits comfy in my right ear.  The amazing part is that it’s a stereo ear-bud.  It has both left and right channels so you can enjoy stereo quality music in just one ear.  It delivers amazing bass too.  It’s not Bose quality but it’s definitely way better than Apple’s stock headset that came with the iPhone.  This quality is because how they designed the ear-bud.  The rubber tip that goes in to the ear delivers the high frequency sound, like a tweeter, and the face of the ear-bud acts like a woofer.


And since this was made for the iPhone, it does come with a mic and an answer/hang-up button.  The button also works as a start/stop button for playing music.

Personally I think this is a great stereo ear-bud for both music and calls for the iPhone.  It’s a nice replacement if you don’t like using bluetooth headsets or just don’t want to worry about always charging them.  This ear-bud also works with any mp3 or cell phone that accepts the 3.5mm audio plug.  It costs $25.95.


Product Information

  • Amazing stereo sound in one ear-bud.
  • iPhone answer button supported.
  • No batteries to worry about.
  • None

8 thoughts on “ScanSound Right-BUD Stereo Headset for iPhone Review”

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  2. a lot of times when talkin with friends around me i like to just take out one earbud to listen to my friends and the music at the same time, this would be perfect

  3. @zach : Sound quality is great on this one. You should try it out.

    @Jon : Yea it does look like Sony’s EX85. Maybe they just painted over it? lol

  4. This looks really good. I’m looking for something like this with a larger answer/hang up button that I could more easily activate while wearing ski gloves. This is the best that I’ve found for possible use with a ski helmet. None of the ski helmet products are very good. The best are a bit too geeky and obtrusive.

  5. The military uses our bud in their helmets It was invented and designed by our own inventor and has a patent pending. A customer asked us to design a stereo bud for someone who was hearing impaired in one ear and the rest is history. Sorry Sony, we did it first! We will give thought to one that allows for bulky gloves.

  6. With the bass speaker located outside of the rubber earbud, how much sound leaks out to the people around you? Seems like it would be annoyingly noticeable in a public place.

  7. @Rob : Not much sound leaks out. But it all depends on how high of the volume you put it on and how much bass is in the music. There’s no sound leak for voice calls. There is a noticeable bass leak for “heavy metal” music if you’re in a quiet room or office setting. If you’re in the streets then the ambient noise from the cars and people will drown the leaked sound out.

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