DoubleSight Flex Stands let you use multiple monitors with style

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DoubleSight_Quad-Monitor-Flex-StandAfter writing up the article on DoubleSight Displays‘ new USB displays, I did a little exploring of the rest of their website, and it appears that they specialize in multi-monitor setups.

I’ve never really given much thought to a multi-monitor stand, as I’ve never had more than two monitors at once, but after looking at what DoubleSight offers, I realize how cluttered it looks to have multiple monitors scattered across a desktop on individual stands.  Collecting them all onto one single stand looks so much more organized and more… well… awesome.

DoubleSight has a modular and varied array of products that should be capable of meeting just about any reasonable multi-display need, everything from a simple dual-monitor stand to triple- or quad-monitor stands, to multi-monitor extensions that could conceivably get you some pretty impressive monitor set-ups (nine monitors on a single stand, anybody?).  These things don’t come cheap (the pictured quad-monitor stand runs $350), but odds are that if you’ve got four monitors and a rig that can run them all, you can probably afford it.

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