Brush your teeth on the go – OHSO Presto

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I reviewed the OHSO Marko travel toothbrush about 3 years ago and now they have a new smaller version called the Presto. You can fill the Presto with your favorite toothpaste, toss it in your gear bag and use it to clean your teeth or freshen your breath anytime you need to. The Presto is available in several colors. and will cost you $9.95.

3 thoughts on “Brush your teeth on the go – OHSO Presto”

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  2. Look at the size of the “presto”. Now explain to me how they can charge $35 to ship that outside the US?
    I know Americans typically think of “the rest of the world” as one big uncharted piece of uncivilized territory but this is extreme even for them!

  3. Yeah, sure. Blame, stereotype, and insult all Americans because one company overcharges on international shipping. Gosh-dern, I wish I was one of them-there enlightened types like what comes from your neck of the woods.

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