The Vaja i-volution Leather Suit for the 13″ MacBook

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This spring, I upgraded from my first generation MacBook Air to a 13″ unibody MacBook. The only regret I had in the move was the loss of the i-volution Leather Suit I used to protect my MBAir. Vaja’s i-volution Leather Suit did an incredible job protecting my MBAir during the rigors/dangers of my very hectic lifestyle. I immediately wanted the same stellar protection for my new 13″ MacBook. Vaja, in their usual form, has created an equally stylish, form-fitting i-volution Leather Suit for the new unibody MacBooks; for the Air, 13″ and 15″ MacBook Pros…giving all but the 17″ MBPro stellar, full-time 24/7 protection.


In many ways, the two Leather Suits I have had the luxury to protect my Apple laptops are functionally the same. So, I will be using some of the same language from my earlier i-volution Leather Suit for the MBAir review and highlighting the differences between the two.


Vaja has designed the i-volution Leather Suit to be worn all the time…never to be taken off. Vaja has engineered the i-volution Leather Suit like leather body-armor for a motorcycle racer. It is absolutely form-fitting; providing a rigid shell of protection over 95 percent of the aluminum casing. I love how it provides constant protection against scratching and/or denting the finely crafted aluminum casing of the unibody MacBook.


The i-volution Leather Suit wraps around all of the MacBook’s edges while, surprisingly, not getting in the way or diminishing the laptop’s functionality. Measuring 13.0in x 9.21in x 1.37in, the Suit adds little to no bulk to the MacBook. However, it does add approximately a pound to your laptop.


The leading edge of the Suit provides access to the latch opening but conceals the power indicator.


The left side allows access to the power, ethernet, usb, video, mic, earphone, and lock ports.


The back of the suit does leave the back edge of the unibody MacBook a bit exposed on the ends.


The right side allows access to the disc drive slot.

Airport Security

I have been through many, many airports since I began using the i-volution Leather Suit from Vaja. Airport security has never ask me remove my laptop from an i-volution Leather Suit. Fortunately, they allow the MacBook/Suit combo through the x-ray machine without a second glance. While the Suit is easy enough to take on and off, it definitely would be a bother to have to do it every time you went through security.

The Leather Suit comes in Vaja’s usual plethora of colors and allows for an almost infinite choice of color combination’s. You are able to personalize/choose the colors of the grip, outside, and inside/trim.

The i-volution Leather Suit is not cheap, starting at $280, it is one of the most expensive options for protecting your Macbook available. If you have the extra funding, I highly recommend considering Vaja’s stylish, perfectly fitted, continuous protection for your Mac laptops.

Being the AR tech-guy that I am, I really love the functionality and protection the i-volution Leather Suit provides my MacBook. I did stress a bit when I was using my MB, especially during my travels (using sleeve/slipper cases). But to be honest, a majority of those fears have gone since I began using the Suit.


Product Information

Price:Starting at $280
  • Excellent construction and materials
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Perfectly fitted for the MacBook
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Well finished
  • Great 24/7 protection
  • Adds almost no bulk
  • Expensive
  • Adds a pound to the already heavy MacBooks

7 thoughts on “The Vaja i-volution Leather Suit for the 13″ MacBook”

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  2. have you experienced any over heating problems using this case? i see it has a mesh cover for ventilation but i wondered how effective it would be. thanks.

  3. I can’t see the rationale for such a case or any other form fitting case. Your MacBook is protected, but its beautiful aluminum body is hidden behind the case. And the case will suffer from tear and wear unless you protect it with a sleeve.
    I only use a sleeve (be-ez la robe) for my MacBook, which will be obsolete in a few years anyway.

  4. Robert: When I first started using the Leather Suit with my MBAir, I monitored its heat status often. And I did the same with my 13″ MB as well. The temperature never got hot enough that I needed to shutdown. I really do not worry about overheating much anymore. (For me @ least and our moderate Seattle weather), the i-volution case does a decent job of dissipating heat.

    Fredenka: Julie occasionally makes fun of me for wanting a case to protect every piece of tech equipment I own. Sometimes I agree, but the AR side of me continues to win the battle….

    Stephen: To be honest, I am not sure. It would definitely cover the battery charge indicator. But I’ve looked at pictures and it most likely will work. I doubt Vaja would sell it as for ’13” MBPro’ if it did not fit perfectly.

  5. If you want similar protection for less than thirty bucks look on Amazon for the Macally case I bought one for my 13″ mackbook and it just snaps on and really works…

  6. Does the IR remote control still work OK?

    I see that the receiver on the MBP appears to be blocked, (unlike in the Macbook Air).

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