Transportation for lazy lovebirds – PEDEGO Electric Tandem Bike

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pedegoe-bikeThe next time you want to go for a ride with your sweetie, skip the sweat producing manual bicycle and go with a PEDEGO tandem e-bike. It features a beach cruiser design with two wide, cushioned seats, relaxed handlebars and a rear motor. It operates much like a regular tandem bicycle but utilizes a parallel electric drive system that includes a 750 watt motor and 48 volt lithium manganese battery. Sound good? Then prepare for sticker shock – $2300.00. I think I’ll just take a walk 😉

5 thoughts on “Transportation for lazy lovebirds – PEDEGO Electric Tandem Bike”

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  2. I paid nearly $1000 for an electric bike. It’s a “power assist”, not something I can just push a button and go. Basically helps with commutes (hills can be a real bummer in 100+ heat). Love the thing.

    I agree — it’s a specialty bike and don’t expect a huge market. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see something like this turn up at the local park as a rental.

  3. In the description of the Pedego Tandem electric bike, there has been previously mentioned the Throttle/control being mounted on the handle bars of the rear rider instead of the front rider. Is this true? It seems to me to be totally wrong, as the front rider would be blocking the view of the rear one, who would need to have an unobstructed view.

  4. My wife and I bought a Dawes tandem 10 years ago and it worked out to be around £1000 in total. So I think probably the price for this isn’t really that bad. I’ve seen mountain bikes in the £1000s (whats that 12 – 1500 dollars?). Admittedly, the Dawes and a kit would probably give a useful bike for under $2000, but theres the build effort. So I dunno, doesn’t seem that bad to me.
    If you want to do on a budget, get a 2nd hand tandem and a kit I guess.

  5. How do I transport the Pedego Tandem? I have a hitch bike carrier; will that work with something so much longer then a regular size bike?

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