Nokia’s Maemo Masterpiece – The N900

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nokia_n900_38_lowresWe’ve been seeing some ‘reviews’ of this device, but nothing official from Nokia until now. Nokia has now announced the N900 and it will be running the new version of Maemo. That’s the operating system the N770/n800/n810 have been using; it’s the ‘other’ operating system for Nokia besides Symbian. On the OS topic, there’s been some talk of Nokia’s future direction and I think this announcement pretty much settles it. This is the future direction of Nokia smartphones.

I’ve been a longtime user of the N800, and even though I’m a iPhone 3GS lover, I’m in seriously gadget lust here. The N900 uses the same A8 Cortex CPU/GPU combination as the iPhone and Pre, each has slight differences like who manufacturers them, but basically the three devices are in the same league. However, the N900 combines that with a 800×480 resolution display, a 5MP camera that shoots 800×480 video,  and an existing Application Manager ( using .deb files! ) that has a good number of existing applications. I’ve been watching the Application Manager on my N800, and I’ve seen more apps released recently so momentum is growing. Basically, they’ve out-geeked and out-designed the Android phones I’ve seen so far. So I’m looking forward to seeing this phone in person, and although I’m truly in love with the iPhone a part of me wants this to be better.

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  2. I am gadget knucklehead, and this phone, while I may not own it, makes me happy for Nokia. No more dilly dallying. (I am bringing the word back).

    The videos posted on Engadget are ridiculously nice. It seems fast, smooth and polished. I love the font (of all things) it uses. I really hope the GPS is fully equipped, as the N800/10 I owned required an upgrade ( I believe) to get some really good map functionality from it.

    I see the resistive screen as a plus, actually – even though lots of people will frown, it will work with Gloves! Which means, up here in New England, I can use it. It’s got 1700, too – which means, eventually it is coming to the US via T-Mobile. (hope!)

  3. There’s a typo in the post. Maemo. The a and e are reversed.

    I’ve got my fingers crossed in vain hoping that this beast will make it to verizon.

  4. I’ve owned the n770. I skipped the n800 and the n810.

    I just want a web “tablet”! I don’t need an iPhone.

    So… is THIS goody a PHONE? Or just data (as carly suggests)?

  5. This is a PHONE. if anyone takes the time to look at any of the teaser videos, or the FCC report it is a Phone and it will run on T-mobile (US).

    I’m excited and looking forward to this kind of powerhouse and on T-mobile to boot. Its the beginning of the next generation of Nokia phones. Revolution not Evolution!

  6. This is definitely a phone – There’s a alot of confusion on the subject, but if you look at Nokia’s specifications page you’ll see data and voice capabilities are listed separately. Also – If you look closely at the pictures showing phone calls in progress – You’ll see that some of the phone calls have a mobile phone icon and others have a Skype icon. So it’s a mobile phone, and it’s going to be €500 supposedly.

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