biOrb Aquarium – Fish in a cube

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When I was a little kid, we had a really large fish tank that I would sit and stare at for what seemed like hours. My Mom had all sorts of health problems, so we didn’t have the tank for long before my Dad got rid of it because it was too much to take care of. Later in my teens, I got the first tank bug and set up a small one in my bed room. That didn’t last too long either when I would wake up in the middle of the night and step on a fish that had flopped out of the tank. Somehow I had managed to pick two types of fish that hated each other and would ‘fight’ to get out of the tank. Who knew? 😉

Today I happened upon the biOrb Aquarium and am wondering if I should give the fish thing another shot. This fish tank is made of acrylic, with a built in filtration system. Just add water and the fish and  you’re all set. The price is pretty spendy though at over $200. I could eat a lot of fish dinners for that! 😉

4 thoughts on “biOrb Aquarium – Fish in a cube”

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  2. That is outrageous!

    I got a small 1 gallon tank similar to that for $20 at Petsmart. It has a built-in under gravel filter. It’s too small for pretty much anything but a Beta. With a few plants and a water stone for aeration, all I need to do is feed Royal (my male crowntail beta) and do a 1/2 water change every two weeks or so.

    I also have a snail in the tank for cleaning algae and looking cool.

  3. Get a Marineland Eclipse tank instead. Comes with filter & everything, costs $50 or so and comes in several sizes. Or most pet stores will sell you a put-it-together-yourself alternative for even less.

    Note: bigger tanks are much easier to take care of than small ones.

  4. Can’t hurt to have some plants on your desktop, even as a planted aquarium these types of Biorbs do well. I see no reason why you shouldn’t try to keep fish in them, but only if you care enough. If you don’t have the time to take care of these about to be extincted pets, you are far better off with a few plants in your tank!

    Enjoy the show…

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