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Reader Keith Anderson sent me an email earlier today with a cool gear bag that he recently purchased. It’s the Nirvana Seatback Organizer and Travel Tote from Zen Class. It’s designed so that it will attach to the upright tray table on the seatback in front of you on a plane. According to Keith, it has a massive number of pockets, including a few secret ones, d-rings, pen holders, even a cupholder! He says that it won’t hold a normal sized laptop, but it can accommodate an Acer Aspire One without a problem with room for a paperback, and the usual assortment of iPods, phones, keys, wallets, etc.

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  2. Explain to me how you go through security with that many liquids in there?!? 😉

    Just joking, it does look cool, but I’m concern that if I carried it closed, it would get me the “man-purse” look….

  3. The video on the website shows it empty, but then the actor puts his plastic airline tumbler of soda water into it. I’m a little concerned that if I did that it would end up in my lap when the guy in front of me decides to take a nap and reclines his seat, but as the bag only hangs from the top, maybe it will swing out and stay level.

    1. Hi Keith,
      I have a relative who is in desperate need of one of these seatback organizers but she said that they’re not available anymore.

      Do you have any info that could help her obtain one ASAP?

      Thanks in advance

  4. all this man-purse fears.

    i say its about time one start accepting that even men wants/needs to carry around more then a bit of cash and maybe a pocket knife.

    1. I agree with you and I’m not even a man! 😉 Come on guys, quit being so self-conscience. You’re not a sissy if you carry a bag. Unless the bag has Hello Kitty on it or something. And even then, who the heck cares 🙂

  5. My biggest concern is that there isn’t room for this in a typical airplane setup. I’ve been flying a lot recently, and my guess is that this product, as cool as it appears to be, is really only going to be practical if you are fortunate enough to be sitting in first class. It’s just to darn crowded in coach anymore. Just my two cents….

  6. In the Pacific Northwest, “man purses” are messenger bags, over the shoulder bags, backpacks and probably this cool bag. They’re carried by everyone from nerds, to Symphony musicians, to students, to liberal hippies, to high priced lawyers. If you’ve got a computer and stuff to stow, you carry a bag like this. All guys do…girls too…only ours are usually that Hello Kitty pink…but I digress. In the Portland, OR area and pretty much the west side of the Cascade mountains in Washington state, a lot of people are walking, bicycling and taking public transportation. Guys, girls, kids, skateboarders, punk rockers, your investment banker, they all have some kind of messenger bag because it just makes sense to have all your schtuff in one place. This bag looks tres cool. Most bags I’ve been looking at are not this cool and do not accommodate the stuff that everyone carries. And this one does.
    Get over your “man purse” fears. This is the way it is in the Pac Northwest and it’s coming your way.

  7. I own one but don’t use it as a “man bag” in the tote form. I just carry it inside my backpack or other carry on and then use it as an organizer during the flight.

    Nancy – It actually works great in coach. In fact, it rests so flat against the tray table that it really doesn’t encroach on your personal space because it sits in the dead space above your knees and on back of the tray table (that you’re otherwise just staring at for 2-5 hours or more). Much better than stuffing things in the seat back pocket (black hole) which interferes with knee space or constantly reaching underneath the seat to get things (that’s hard in coach unless you’re a gymnast!). I don’t think it’s big enough to even fit a 1st Class seat and I don’t think that’s who their customer is based on their website.

    Keith Anderson – I wouldn’t use the cup holder for a plastic cup like the video shows but it’s great for my Starbucks cup and water bottle!

  8. I would like to get one but am living in Europe. Are these only available in the States. Many US mail order sites do not ship to the US. Help, anyone?! Please…

  9. I’m going to buy one only because I need something to hold all my infant/toddler supplies instead of bending over and trying to finding something under the seat while they are screaming. Sorry if you are near me with my 2 year-old and 7 month-old on my 5 hour flights across the USA. Thanks! Someone would make a lot of money if they would make something for moms/dads for kids who travel a lot to put on the back of the seat.

  10. I saw this for the first time on a flight yesterday. Truly impressed with everything about it. I will be buying one later today for myself and a couple more as gifts.
    I too have a major concern about the man purse look. Mine is a little different though. Since I have already embraced the pleasure that comes with owning, and using man purses, for over 35 years, how am I going to look wearing two of them?

  11. Looking for the Nirvana airplane over the seat organizer and I am unable to fine one to buy anywhere.Any suggestions?

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