7 thoughts on “Deskstandz let your laptop get vertical”

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  2. Nice idea, but in a previous life I was a CEO of a computer peripheral maker and we looked at something just like this but abandoned after investigating the cooling ramifications…

    Plus call me crazy but unless you bolt the thing through your desk (not desirable) it looks pretty unstable!

  3. The idea is not new (there are stands for under the monitor to slide your notebook into from HP). My concern about both ways (horizantally and vertically) is: doesn’t the heat off the PC housing fry the LCD monitor at some point? From a friend of mine (IT technician and software engineer) I have been told…”…it’s not healthy for the monitor when notebook is closed, because of the heat that builds up”. Anyone have newer informations or other thoughts?

    1. @Cornelis There should be a setting to turn off the LCD so that the image from the notebook is displayed on the external monitor. That’s the way I have my day job laptop set up and it’s worked fine for about 3 yrs now.

  4. @ Julie
    Actually Julie, I meant generally. Even while the laptop screen is off, the heat still affects the (very thin) LCD screen. Maybe the heat – if used over a long period of time (closed) can kill the LCD screen on your laptop (i.e. pixel failure, and then outage all together)?

  5. @Cornelius

    I know for a fact that Apple engineers their computers to cool effectively in closed (headless) mode. My MacBook Pro doesn’t get hot to the touch on the keyboard; only slightly warm on the sides. The bulk of the heat is dissipated out the back and the bottom, not the top of the keyboard assembly.

    I don’t think it’s a huge issue. Nearly all laptops I’ve used don’t dissipate heat through the keyboard.

  6. @Tyler
    Thanks for the info. I hadn’t thought about the fact, that the emission is on the sides and not towards the monitor (= LCD screen). I guess I have info still coming from the early days of notebooks/laptops. 🙂

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