Touch enabled Tapster Bluetooth headset


One of my main complaints about most Bluetooth headsets are the buttons that you use to control them. Fumbling around with your fingers trying to find the location of the button to answer a call or change the volume can be a pain – literally. Have you ever pressed a button on a headset and caused it to press farther into your ear causing pain? I have… ouch! The Philips Tapster Bluetooth headset can recognize finger swipes and taps to change the volume and answer calls. If you take the headset off, it will automatically transfer the call back to your phone. Nice!

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  • Ria July 8, 2009, 10:56 pm

    These are pretty nice? Do they stay on when you run? I’m liking my JayBird JB200 Freedom Bluetooth headphones. They are great for my workout cause they’re small. they stay put and out of the way.

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