Wagner Swiss Wallet

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wagner-walletIf you’re trying to fight pocket bulge and are looking for a minimalist wallet, the aluminum Swiss Wallet from Wagner might be a good solution. It looks  nifty enough with its colorful anodized finish and card ejecting mechanism. It’s available in several colors including Blue, Black, Red, Orange and Green. It hold 5 credit cards and has a money clip on the back for folded currency.

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  2. Having never seen one in person; I cannot speak of the quality of this product.

    Public service announcement follows:
    This company has no apparent connection to either maker of Swiss Army knives -Wenger or Victorinox. (Victorinox now owns Wenger btw)
    Clever marketing to use both the cross symbol along with the slight name permutation, perhaps hoping that customers mistakenly associate this wallet with either of the long-established and respected Swiss Army knife manufacturers (both having produced knives for the Swiss Army for 100+ years now).

    Interesting… http://www.wagnerswitzerland.com/ details a family legacy of having invented some breakthrough device “breithalter” used in the textile industry.

    Info found for breithalter (several definitions here)

    theswissstore and wagnerswitzerland look like they currently belong a Mr Wagner of California.

  3. I have used one for over a year now and I love it. Perfect combination of credit card holder and money clip. FYI: I ordered the red originally and it was more pink than red…sent it back and got the blue.

  4. Having had aluminum business card cases and know the havoc my keys and other items wreaked upon them, do these scratch and/or dent easily? I also assume this doesn’t go into a back pocket where you can sit on it, is that correct?

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