Wicked Lasers’ Photonic Disruptor Review

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I want to begin this review by stating that the Photonic Disruptor by Wicked Lasers is not a toy. It is a ‘laser weapon designed for military and law enforcement use only’. It is a tactical weapon designed to temporarily overwhelm a threat’s visual senses without causing permanent eye damage.


Wicked Lasers states ‘The Photonic Disruptor is an extremely effective, non-lethal, waterproof, high-powered green laser built specifically for rugged, harsh environments. This laser is classified as TALI (Threat Assessment Laser Illuminator).’

Hardware Specifications

Size (mm) 14(dia) X 155(length)
Wavelength (nm) 532
Color Flat Black
Operating Mode CW
Output Power 100mW
Beam Divergence <1.5mRad to 7.5mRad, fully adjustable focus lens
Beam Diameter ∼1.5mm
Power Consumption 600mA
Power supply 2 X AAA 1.5V
Battery Lifetime 90 minutes
Switch Momentary On / Off Button
Duty Cycle 100 seconds on / 10 seconds off
Expected lifetime >5,000 hours
Warranty 3 months

Wicked Lasers also states ‘This tactical laser is equipped with versatile focus-adjustable collimating lenses to compensate for range and power intensity. Laze a non-lethal focused or unfocused beam towards potential threats at a distance. Used properly, the Photonic Disruptor will temporarily overwhelm a threat’s visual senses without causing permanent eye damage.’


One the best features of the Photonic Disruptor is the fact it is completely waterproof. The main body of the laser is wrapped in a thick, tough rubber. The end cap is finely machined and seals via its o-ring.


The lens is also sealed against water.

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The momentary On/Off button is under the rubber exterior also adding to the Photonic Disruptor’s rugged, waterproof engineering.


The laser dot on the right is the Elite series laser Julie discussed last year. The laser dot on the left is the Photonic Disruptor set on its narrowest setting. The Elite laser is rated at 140mW and the Photonic Disruptor is rated at 100mW. In person the Elite laser is brighter/more focused and does shine further than the Disruptor but they are engineered for different purposes.


In this image the Photonic Disruptor is set at its widest setting and is substantially more disbursed than the Elite laser. As designed the powerful laser, when disbursed, produces a blinding cone of light emanating from the lens of the Disruptor.


Above is what my camera ‘saw’ when I pointed the Photonic Disruptor at it from 25ft. Close range, inside the house with a moderate amount of light. The light was actually green, but you get the idea….. The song ‘Blinded by the Light’ comes to mind 🙂


This is an image of what the laser light looked like in my vehicle, during daylight at approximately 50ft (it was actually a bit more intense but this is what my camera captured). The blinding effect is many times more effective when there is little (to no) light.

Overall, the Photonic Disruptor is a very effective tool for those professionals that need to temporarily blind a threat without causing permanent eye damage. Having been a police officer’s son, served in the military, and currently work with law enforcement on a regular basis professionally, I do believe this laser would be a great addition to those needing to use non-lethal force in the application of their duties.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Wicked Lasers
  • Excellent construction and materials
  • Variable beam width
  • Rugged and waterproof design
  • Extremely effective
  • Expensive
  • Comes with only a 3 month warranty

10 thoughts on “Wicked Lasers’ Photonic Disruptor Review”

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  2. I am surprised that there is no control for the selling of such an item. It could be used at a sport event to disturb a player.

  3. In the U.K these have been used to distract and even blind police helicopter pilots. It has even been on the news

  4. I think this is a fair product for those that truly need a non-lethal solution to disable an assailant. At $600 I don’t think we have to worry too much about kids and others purchasing just to cause a disruption.

    I also think it is reasonable for individuals to purchase it as a non-lethal self defense option. Similar to the use of pepper spray. Just don’t know how effective it would be towards a mugger, etc.

  5. In fact, I believe the report in the UK was of fools using normal (low power) classroom laser pointers to distract helicopter pilots. The reviewed product could be far more of a hazard to aircraft. And how about road traffic… someone at the roadside at night could cause a serious accident with one of these.

  6. Thomas and Jake: @ 600 quid I doubt any scalliwags would be able to afford such a gadget to annoy motorists and pilots…. They would have to scrump and sell a lot of cars to even make enough to afford one!
    They probably jusy go to pundland and buy a cheap ole laser pointer if they wish to carry out this random stupid act!

  7. Nice review Dave.

    Yeah, as Thomas and Jake have said, only recently in the UK there were two seperate cases of people (One of which was only a teenager I believe) who pointed a relatively cheap laser pointer towards a police helicopter and also one who pointed it into a cockpit of an incoming aircraft not far from where I live. Unfortunately, the pilot was blinded momentarily but the other pilot recovered the aircraft and landed without issue. Regardless of price, I think if people (kids included) want something as powerful as this to cause dispruption, they would find a way of getting one.

    This bit of kit does however appear to be much more than just a basic laser pointer and it would certainly be useful in the correct, capable hands!

    I’m not convinced I would swap it for a can of C.S. gas (Mace) though as I think people would be more inclined to run from me if I pointed a can of that towards their face.

    You never know though…. 🙂

  8. I’m wondering if they will bring out different colors. Each color could produce a different effect in the targeted person, we all know that red sends a different signal than green. So I’m surprised this laser is actually green. But I guess that’s the color that does the undamaging disruption, huh? Interesting stuff for sure.

  9. In britain it would probaly cost about 350 pounds but the people who would want one to do no good probably could keep them selves entertained with violent video games.

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