Solve your earbud cable tangle crisis

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I’m a sucker for nifty little doo-dads that are made of colorful plastic. The BudTrap happens to be a useful doo-dad. It is comprised of two parts. The BudTrap Buddy and the BudTrap. Together, they make a little holder for your earbud cable so they won’t get tangled. The cost is $4.99 ($1 is given to charity / causes) and you receive 4 Buddys that you can share with your friends. The buddys do the same job, but don’t look quite as cool all by themselves.

12 thoughts on “Solve your earbud cable tangle crisis”

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  2. Cool device and company… but it leaves the earbuds plugged in and pointing straight up, which makes me nervous.

  3. That’s great but can budtrap be easily transferred to other devices? Another option would be to just get headphones with retractable wires. Which can be found at any walmart or target or anywhere online

  4. Hi Guys,

    Dave from BudTrap here,
    @Mark – thanks for the awesome thoughts & check out the gentle bend in the main cable – this minimizes the chance of your cables breaking

    @ashley, @jake totally universal and the BudTrap Buddy is free.

    Dave (@BudTrap)

  5. Dave C.- To be honest, it is not the stress on the cable that worries me, it is the leverage the plug exerts on the jack. I have had to repair many, many devices that have a plug coming straight out of a jack when lateral force on the plug translated to damage inside the jack.

    The BudTrap looks like it may provide some protection to that junction, but the large lever action the long plug body offers means that a motion on the far end of the plug body makes a similar motion on the tip- with almost no motion at the fulcrum, where the BudTrap is.

    Of course- this is a theoretical concern until I get my hands on some and try it out for myself! They DO look cool and it is a great social idea!

  6. @Mark,
    Best thing to do is get your hands on a BudTrap Buddy and report how you go. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised, it’s pretty simple 🙂

    Dave (@BudTrap)

  7. “Budtrap” sounds like a code name for a Federal undercover drug sting.
    “DooDads” were a most excellent snack mix by Nabisco that were sadly discontinued years ago. Thanks for the memories .

  8. Hans- I LOVE SprintCuts, and the wrap thechnique they show is an old favorite of mine. The ‘leave a loop, tuck, and pull’ technique is a classic knot used to whip the end of a rope, or tie the Hangman’s Knot- a useful trick to know!

  9. How useful! Just yesterday I kept fighting with my mp3 player cable…it’s all twisted and any attempt to untangle it seems fruitless. Luckily it’s not losing the signal yet. I’ll keep an eye out for these traps, thanks for posting!

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