Spotlight Gadget – KeyRight Learning Keyboard

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I can still remember taking a typing class in high school. Good old Mr. Owens and his eccentric little sayings… “Make sure your documents are in apple pie order”, “What is that gobbly gook you’ve typed?” Ah, those were the days. 🙂 I guess I should thank him though as I’m a pretty proficient touch typist due to his tutelage. If your typing skills consist of hunting and pecking, maybe the KeyRight Look & Learn Typing Solution can help you. For $39.95, you will receive a QWERTY USB keyboard with color coded keys and an instructional CD. It might not be as quirky as Mr. Owens, but you gotta love the skittle colored keys.

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  2. How did you get the KEYRIGHT keyboar? I tried to order (offer 2 for 1 for $59.95) about 8 – 9 times from different computers using different credit cards. All to no avail. Where the trick is? Thanks.

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