Spotlight Gadget: Orbital Mouse

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An Australian based company called Cyber Sport is getting ready to release a wireless mouse replacement called the Orbital Mouse. The price is $98.50, but this thing sure looks cool. Check out the video. I want one!

6 thoughts on “Spotlight Gadget: Orbital Mouse”

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  2. I’m having flashbacks of using the iMac ‘hockey puck’ mouse…

    Neat as all heck to look at. An absolute pain to use. This might be better, but I’d have to actually try it to see. (How easy is it to grab without looking and have ‘up’ be ‘up’?)

  3. Hi Daniel

    The coolest thing about this mouse it that it *knows* which way is up on its own, owing to its inbuilt compass. So, you can spin and mouse freely without worrying about orientation, and the fluid spinning motion controls scrolling, video jogging, object rotation etc.

    Cheers, Laurence

  4. Travis: Do you still use a mouse? 😉 I’m not sure that I agree that its days are numbered. What do you think will take its place? Multi-touch type input devices? I want a want a neural mouse 🙂 One where I just have to think about the link I want to click, to go to that page.

  5. I have this mouse and it took sometime to get use to it. But I love it but I tend to fall asleep at my computer and drop the mouse many times and now there is just a slight problem with moving pages from left to right. The price is very high and I was able to get it for about $45 dollars. If I can find it again for that price I want to get another one!! I can’t use a regular mouse anymore after using this one it really is a great invention! But again I hope the price comes down!!!!!!!!

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