Remote Controlled Sub-Sonic XP Submarine Review

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Over the years, I’ve had the opportunity to play with all sorts of R/C (remote controlled) cars,planes and helicopters. I’ve even flown an
R/C UFO. But until now, I’d never controlled
an R/C submarine. But now I can say that I have, because Trend Times Toys sent me the Sub-Sonic XP R/C Submarine to review.

Sub-Sonic XP
Sub-Sonic XP

Package Contents

Sub-Sonic XP Sub

Sub-Sonic XP

The submarine is made surprisingly well. The plastic is thick and feels like it can take a lot of abuse. A small on/off power switch is located on top of the sub.

Sub-Sonic XP

The sub has 3 different rotating blades. Two of them are in the tail section of the sub, pointing towards the back. Another rotor is located in the center.

Sub-Sonic XP

On the bottom of the sub there is a two prong power connector that is protected by a flexible plastic cap. To charge the sub, you just lift that protective cap and plug the sub into the charging base.

Sub-Sonic XP

The charging base is powered by 3 AA batteries (not included).

Sub-Sonic XP

What I like about the charging base is that you just press the sub into the base and it will immediately start charging the sub’s batteries. You don’t have to flip any switches
on the base for this to occur.

Sub-Sonic XP

Charging takes about 3 minutes. When completed, the two Red LEDs on the charging base will turn off to signal that it is ready to go. A full charge will give you 3 minutes of play.

Sub-Sonic XP

Controlling the sub is done with the hand held remote. This remote is powered by one 9V battery (not included). The controller reminds me of an Xbox controller as it has shoulder buttons, Left and Right thumb style joysticks and two other buttons that control lights and the center rotor. There is also a channel selector if you have more than one sub.

I guess you could compare controlling the sub with flying an RC plane. You can steer Left and Right, as well as diving down and surfacing. I wouldn’t be lying if I told you that it takes some practice. I actually didn’t have an optimal way to review the sub as most people’s pools are already covered for the season. My bathtub was the biggest body of water that I could come up with, so that is what I used. If you’ve played with other RC toys in the past, this sub is a nice change of pace. I’m guessing kids might be tempted to take more baths if they had a toy such as this one to take into the tub with them ;o) The Sub-Sonic XP is a fun RC submarine that kids and grownups alike will enjoy.


Product Information

Retailer:Trend Times Toys
  • Made well
  • Easy and fast charging
  • Seems a bit tricky to control

5 thoughts on “Remote Controlled Sub-Sonic XP Submarine Review”

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  2. Julie,

    What are the approximate dimensions of this beastie — I’ve got a nephew who’s got a pool at his house who just might be getting one for Christmas. Thanks to the Gadgeteer….

  3. Tip10:

    Oops, sorry for leaving out that important bit of info. I don’t have it in front of me right now, but it’s only about 5 inches long by 2 inches or so wide (give or take an inch).

  4. Is the transmitter waterproof too? If kids play with the sub in the bathtub/pool, they may want to use the transmitter while in the water.

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