Vaja i-volution Macbook Air Leather Suit Review

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Incase Neoprene Sleeve and the Thinvelope Leather Slipper Case for the Macbook Air are both very nice cases in their own right. They provide the Macbook Air protection while it travels within their soft interiors, but provide little to no protection while your MBAir is in use. The i-volution Leather Suit for the Macbook Air takes protecting your Air to a whole new level. Vaja has designed the i-volution Leather Suit to be worn all the time…never to be taken off; 24/7 protection.

vaja leathersuit 1

Vaja has engineered the i-volution Leather Suit like leather body-armor for a motorcycle racer. It is absolutely form-fitted to the Macbook Air, providing a rigid shell of protection over 95 percent of the MBAir’s aluminum casing. I love how it provides constant protection against scratching and/or denting the finely crafted case of the MBAir.

vaja leathersuit 2

The Leather Suit’s edges wrap around a majority of the Air’s edges while, surprisingly, not getting in the way or diminishing the Air’s functionality. Measuring 12.99in x 9.21in x 1.25in, the Suit adds little to no bulk to the Air. However it does add approximately half a pound to your petite 3 pound laptop.

vaja leathersuit 3

The leading edge of the Suit provides access to the latch opening, IR port and power indicator.

vaja leathersuit 4

The left side allows access to the power-port.

vaja leathersuit 5

The back of the suit does leave the back edges of the Air somewhat exposed. The top of the Suit latches to the screen by wrapping around the MBAir’s hinges and latch area.

vaja leathersuit 6

The right side allows access to the port hatch.

vaja leathersuit 7

Giving full access to the headphone jack, usb 2.0 and micro-DVI ports.

Heat dissipation

My Macbook Air does get warm on occasion. So much, that I monitor the various temperatures within my laptop with a widget called Hardware Monitor. Apple engineered the Macbook Air to dissipate its excess heat via its fans/vents and aluminum casing. That being said, Vaja designed the Leather Suit to completely wrap the Air in protection. Blocking the vent ports and encasing 95+ percent of the Air’s aluminum skin.

The Leather Suit does cause the MBAir to run warmer than it normally would but not dangerously so. I would say that for a majority of the year (here in Seattle at least), the Air operates perfectly within the norm. However, there was one 90 degree day where I decided to shutdown my Air because the CPU temperature diode reached 160 degrees. Overall, that sensor typically is between 130 and 140 degrees.

Airport Security

I have been through several airports since receiving the i-volution Leather Suit from Vaja. I was worried that airport security would make me remove my laptop from its ‘case’. Fortunately, they allow the Air/Suit combo through the x-ray machine without a second glance. And while the Suit is easy enough to take on and off, it definitely would be a bother to have to do it everytime you went through security.

vaja leathersuit 8

The Leather Suit comes in Vaja’s usual plethora of colors and allows for an almost infinite choice of color combinations. You are able to personalize/choose the colors of the grip, outside, inside, and trim.

The i-volution Leather Suit is not cheap, starting at $280, it is one of the most expensive options for protecting your Macbook Air currently available. If you have the extra funding, I highly recommend considering Vaja’s stylish, perfectly fitted, continuous protection for your Air.

Being the AR tech-guy that I am, I really love the functionality and protection the i-volution Leather Suit provides my Macbook Air. I did stress a bit when I was using my MBAir, especially during my travels (using sleeve/slipper cases). But to be honest, a majority of those fears have gone since I began using the Suit.


Product Information

  • Apple Macbook Air laptop
  • Excellent construction and materials
  • Impeccable craftsmanship
  • Perfectly fitted for the Air
  • Modern, stylish design
  • Well finished
  • Great 24/7 protection
  • Lightweight
  • Adds almost no bulk
  • Expensive
  • Heat dissipation could be an issue

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  2. I recently purchased the above Vaja case. It truly is fantastic and beautiful leather.
    However, be aware that the unit does heat up faster with this case necessitating the fan to turn on more frequently. Just be aware.

    I would recommend the case.

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