I just bought a really cool toy!

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This toy doesn’t require batteries, firmware updates, cables, screen protectors or a case.

It does require careful handling and some training though…

After 2 years with out a dog, I finally caved in and got new puppy today. He’s an 11 week old schnoodle (cross between a poodle and a schnauzer) and as you can see, he’s cute as a button!

We’re in the process of naming him… If you have ideas, please share!

20 thoughts on “I just bought a really cool toy!”

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  2. It seems obvious : Gadget

    Although, as a puppy, you may soon think you should have named him : Sleep Stealer or Leaker or “The Piddler”

  3. My friend Tim had a black schnoodle when I was growing up. Her name was Paisley, and she was about the sweetest thing on this planet. I am not so much a dog person…I like them, but won’t keep one. Paisley remains to this day my absolute favorite dog. She lived a long and happy life. Congratulations on your new furr-riend, may he bring you many many years of tech-support-free service! 🙂

  4. I like Gadget.. but how about Gizmo.. both fit the owner and some of us even remember the movie that made Gizmo famous!

    Now you can add another Gadgeteer test.. does it survive the Gizmo touch…

  5. I beg to differ:

    Batteries = Food/Sleep
    Firmware Updates = Obedience Training
    Cables = Leash
    Screen Protectors (Well, floor ones for housebreaking)

    Etc etc. 🙂

    Cute puppy. My 2-year-old daughter would LOVE a puppy, but I don’t think our cats would.

  6. Well so far so good. It’s been 17yrs since I had a puppy. He actually slept through the entire night last night without whining or needing to go out. I can’t say the same for myself though. I kept listening for him to want out and as a result, got very little sleep. Made up for it today with naps though. :o)

    He’s in the chew on everything stage. That includes fingers and clothing.

    We have settled on name Rocky.

  7. As for puppies getting along with cats. So far my cat Max is just tolerating Rocky. He keeps giving him a ‘you are so annoying’ look ;o)
    But he hasn’t tried to eat him yet, so I think things are going well.

  8. If you’re going to take the pupster to the vet or on a plane, you’ll need a case. So, at least one gadget purpose. No recommendations on that, though I’ve never seen anything in ballistic nylon and I’d skip the cardboard ones.

  9. Already have a crate for him that he sleeps in. Thank goodness he doesn’t mind it. My previous dog (a Corgi) absolutely hated being in a crate.

  10. Unfortunately, we had to return Rocky to the breeder this past weekend. He and Max (my giant cat), did not get along at all. Actually, Rocky wanted to be friends with Max, but Max wanted no part of it and we were afraid that he was going to hurt the puppy.

    Luckily for Rocky, there was another family that was also interested in him. He actually got a much better deal with them as that couple are older and are home all week. I felt pretty guilty leaving him in a crate all day while we were at work.

    We sure will miss the little guy.

  11. Hi i have a schnoodle too her name is Lilyanna and she looks just like yours. I absolutley love the breed i love that they are very energetic but also somewhat possesive. She dosent like children much but my husband and I love her shes getting tranining for it. I have a good name for ur adorable schnoody Smocky, pronouced like smu-ky.
    hope you like the name let me know what you named him!!!!

  12. We just reserved a schnoodle puppy this week, the puppy is black, but the parents are white and gray. Could you tell me what color your puppys parents were? Just wandering if she will get a little grayer looking like your puppy. He is adorable by the way. I like the name KOHO. Our little girls name is Bella, she’s only 2 wks old but we can’t wait to get her home:)

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