Six new Fall TV shows that I definitely want to check out

Besides all my regular shows from last season: Prison Break, Heroes, Survivor, Grey’s Anatomy, ER, How I Met Your Mother, Biggest Loser, and probably lots of others which I can’t recall right now, I’m looking forward to checking out the following new shows:

  • The Big Brain Theory – a new CBS comedy about geeks that looks kinda cute.
  • Kid Nation – I’m a sucker for reality shows, and this one is something that hasn’t been done before.
  • The Next Great American Band – Talent shows are my fave type of reality shows. Going to check this one out for sure.
  • Bionic Woman – This one was a fave when I was a kid. I wonder how it will stack up against the original?
  • Journeyman – Time Travel show. Could be good…or not.
  • Chuck – Action comedy about a geek that becomes a super agent. If it’s geek related, I’m there.

So, which shows are you all going to watch this new season?

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  2. Not really representative since we’re somewhat behind over here in Europe, but whatever … no idea what’s coming up in the way of new shows, I’m still more or less addicted to House and the Desperate Housewives. And I’m disappointed that Wonderland was discontinued, one of the best ever.

  3. Ulilac:

    I don’t understand the appeal of House. I watched several episodes and they all seem to have the same story line. Person almost dies, person comes to the hospital, Dr. House treats patient, patient gets better, patient gets way worse, Dr. House can’t figure out why, Dr. House prescribes some offbeat procedure/drug, patient walks out of hospital. :o) Has anyone ever died on that show? ;o)

    I’ve never seen Wonderland. What was it?

  4. Julie:
    You forgot the part where Dr. House is really obnoxious to everyone. No episode is complete without that! But for some reason I still like House.

    I’ve lately been catching up on the past seasons of Battlestar Galactica, which I missed when it first came out. Will there be a new season of it this fall?

    Haven’t heard much about new shows for this fall that have attracted my interest. Are the new shows not being hyped so much this year?

  5. obscurestooge:

    It seems like only a handful of shows are running preview commercials. I see commercials for The Big Bang Theory, Journeyman and Kid Nation almost every night.

    I’ve never watched the new Battlestar Galactica. Do they still have Xylons or whatever they were called? I remember that show from childhood :o)

  6. I am VERY excited for Bionic Woman and Chuck. I am also looking forwards to “Reaper”.

    Big Bang Theory…oh dear. I can’t get behind any show with Kaley Cuoco after what her presence did to the last season of “Charmed”…

  7. Since I’m in the same predicament as Uli’s first message (I live in Basel, Switzerland), I’ll just ditto that.

    Most likely I will be getting into the start of “Heroes”, other than that, swiss television just got done with my abolutely “don’t-mess-with-me-I-will-not-be-disturbed-if-so-I’ll-chew-your-head-off” series: Grey’s Anatomy Season 2. There are two nice things about it: Switzerland brings it in original caption (yep – US english) and I’ve seen all the episodes (never happened to me in a series before).
    Anxiously waiting for the start of season 3 – beginning 2008.

    A little OT but it sorta fits in: since I am a little bored of the television shows around, I took revenge on my parents!!!…. I went out an bought the DVD to my old time fav series: “The Rockford Files”, “Starsky & Hutch”, “McCloud”, “All in the Family” and some “Kung Fu”.
    I wasn’t allowed to stay up too late so I missed lot’s of the stuff I remember seeing as a kid partially, so now I have them at my convenience 🙂

    Remember all the shows? No? Well here’s strollign down memory lane for you:

    PS: Cheers Julie – Let us know about the E61i

  8. questionfear:

    Kaley Cuoco? Is that the lead female on the show? I’ve never seen her before. I quit watching Charmed in the middle of the first season. ;o)

    Reaper? Not sure I’ve seen anything about that one. Which network?


    I also really like Grey’s Anatomy. I’m a big ER fan too… I have a feeling this will be the last season of ER this year. It’s been on forever it seems! Wow, just looked it up. It’s been on since 1994! And I’ve seen every episode :o)

    Yes, I remember all those oldies that you mentioned and used to watch all but Kung Fu.

  9. @ Julie:
    Wonderland was a one-season show staged in a NY forensic psychiatric ward starring Ted Levine and some less known (here!) actors.

    As you put it – same story all over again – cops dump weirdo, staff gets all agitated, add some personal troubles of the interns, round it off with three to four intervowen storylines (Ed McBain-style, BTW – if you’re still looking for sme reading stuff and don’t mind police stories, check out Ed McBain’s 87th precinct books) and there you are.

    Most TV shows are the same over and over again – 24, CSI, …, you name it.

    … even, although not a TV show, the gadgeteer 🙂 … new gadgets, some comments, day after day after day … SCNR

    Cheers, Uli

  10. Ulilac:

    Ha! Well, I guess you do have a point… But I sure hope that our reviews don’t get THAT monotonous for you ;o) After all, they are written about different products and not the same ones day after day after day :o) Hehehehe

  11. Yes, Kaley Cuoco is the lead. Granted, some of the fan hatred towards her on “Charmed” was not so much her fault since she was just playing a part, and the writers are who should have been burned at a stake. You missed a lot if you stopped partway through S1. If you ever have the chance in reruns, at least watch “All Hell Breaks Loose” if it’s ever on. You can watch Shannen Doherty meet THE WALL OF DEATH. Also, it’s probably the last great episode the show ever did.

    Reaper is on the CW, the premise is that this 21 yr old slacker finds out his parents sold his soul to the Devil (played by Ray Wise) so slacker and his friends must do the devil’s bidding and recapture souls that escape from hell. It’s supposedly very funny. And it has Missy Peregrym (Candace from Heroes) as a love interest.

    Holy crap, ER is still on the air? Are there any original cast members left?

  12. The new ones that I’ll be taking a look at are:

    Samantha Who?
    Big Bang Theory
    Bionic Woman
    Women’s Murder Club

    The returning ones that I’ll be watching are:

    How I Met Your Mother
    Two and a Half Men
    Rules of Engagement
    CSI: Miami
    Criminal Minds
    CSI: New York
    ‘Til Death
    Ugly Betty
    Grey’s Anatomy
    CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
    Without a Trace
    Ghost Whisperer
    Las Vegas
    Stargate Atlantis
    The Simpsons
    Family Guy
    Cold Case

    I’ll also be recording most of the other new shows and a number of returning ones as well….because I can.

    Plus the list seems short….

    The Dreamer.

  13. Dreamer:

    Wow, you watch a lot of TV :o) Not that there is anything at all wrong with that… I record quite a few shows myself.

    Oh I forgot Beauty and the Geek, which starts tonight ;o)

  14. @Julie:
    <quote>hope that our reviews don’t get THAT monotonous for you ;o)<unquote>
    Definitely not! Otherwise I woulnd’t be here for quite some years now. OK, some repetition helps keeping life organised 🙂

    Cheers, Uli

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