What did The Gadgeteer look like back in 1998?

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This August, The Gadgeteer will turn 10 years old. Officially it doesn’t turn 10 years old until December as that is when I actually purchased the domain name. But I started a site called The Gadgeteer on Geocities.com back in August of the same year. I was tripping down memory lane this afternoon when I visited the Internet Archive Wayback Machine website and plugged in https://www.the-gadgeteer.com. Web snapshots start 1yr after the site was established, but it really does bring back a lot of memories. How many of you were reading this site back then? Do you remember when it looked like this…

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Look, it even shows when I created the Gear Diary feature :o)

5 thoughts on “What did The Gadgeteer look like back in 1998?”

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  2. I was all over this site way back in 1998 when I scoured the site for stuff to clothe my sweet Palm IIIxe in!

    Congratulations (in December) on 10 great years! Keep up the great work!

  3. Wow, that picture brings back some memories. I lived on this site back then. I really enjoyed the environment and variety, although I was a Palm OS fanatic. It seems like The Gadgeteer and PalmGear were the forerunners in that regard. It’s been very interesting to see how things have evolved since. I’m glad this site is just as relevant today as it was back then. Congratulations, Julie, and here’s to another 10.

  4. Mark Rosengarten

    Oh, yes. I remember this very well…the gears in the logo actually moved, as I recall. I remember the logo after that, that had gears for the “e”s in gadgeteer. I used to visit this site all the time for links for my PC110, my HP200LX and every Pocket PC I ever had. This was the best place to go for info…especially for the 200LX. Review sites, download sites…oh, yeah.


  5. I so remember those days. I had various Palm PDA’s over the years and info here helped out so much.

    Here’s to another 10 years!


  6. Not even entirely sue when I found this site. But I know it was after I bought a Palm device. My first was in ’98, but I never visited on Geocities.

    Lurked for quite some time before I finally registered though.

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