I’m Baaaack!

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Hi Guys! I’m back from my vacation in the sunny SouthWest (Sedona and Phoenix Arizona). It was a great week! Lots of great scenery, great food, hiking to work off the great food, my first hot air balloon ride and I think we saw a celebrity today while waiting for our flight home at the Phoenix airport. There was a VERY large Asian man sitting at our gate dressed in athletic style clothing. Jeanne said that he looked familiar to her… neither of us are sports buffs, but I think she thought he might be Yao Ming of the Houston Rockets. I knew it wasn’t him and then noticed that the back of his jacket had the words Sun Ming Ming printed across it. A quick Google when I returned home tonight turned up a some info on this 7’9″ NBA hopeful. Pretty cool! :o)

Ok, it’s bed time. We had to get up at 2:30am this morning in order to make a very early flight home. YAWN!

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  2. Wow, a hot-air balloon ride in the warm weather? I didn’t think Sedona was still cool enough to do that. Especially with Phoenix in the triple-digits.

    Sedona is another place I really should visit, and I don’t even have an excuse. It’s only a couple hours away.

  3. Joshua:

    It was very cool in the morning. I had a tshirt and a sweatshirt on and was still cold! It was probably in the 50’s until 8-9am.

    You should make a visit to Sedona. It’s really relaxing!

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