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I returned the Zune and Everex laptop to Walmart today. It’s been awhile since I’d purchased electronics from them and had to return something, so I wasn’t too surprised when they had to call up someone from that department to come to the service area to check things out. I figured it was for the laptop, but I specifically asked what the return policy was for it and was told 15 days. I wasn’t worried at all about returning the Zune. When the electronics dept. lady got to the area, she asked if I’d opened the laptop. I said yes. She asked why I wanted to return it, and I told her it was because I had purchased it to use with the Zune and apparently the Zune was defective. She didn’t even open the laptop box to see if everything was there, but she did open up the Zune. She asked me what was wrong with it and proceeded to tell the customer service girl that she was going to check it out. She connected the earbuds and then told me that she didn’t know how to use it and asked me what was wrong with it. I told her that the hard drive might have a bad sector, because most of the music I synced to it skipped. So I queued up a song and told her to listen for a few seconds. Finally she acknowledged that she heard the problem. I thought that would be it, but then she started asking me where the music came from. I told her it was mine. She said that maybe the music was bad and not the player. I told her the music sounded just fine on my other computer (which it does). So she just looks at me for awhile and then tells the clerk to give me all my money back. But as she was packing all the Zune bits back into the box she mumbled something like “I am going to have to call the main office Monday and find out what the deal is with these things…” I asked her if they were getting a lot of returns and she just looked at me kind of annoyed and said “ummmm, no”.

Make of it what you will… Sorry that there will not be a Zune review, but I only have so much patience ;o)

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