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Laptop owners, this review is just for you. Today I’m going to tell you about a stand for your laptop computer that is both stylish and functional. The Laptop Stand from Pfeffer Industries (I wonder how long it took for them to come up with that catchy product name?) is a clear laser cut plastic stand that is available in 3 different sizes (7.5x10in, 11x13in, and 11x16in).


The stand is made up of 3 components. The flat base that the computer rests on, a curved desktop bracket, and a thumb screw that attaches the bracket to the base. Three small square stick on pads are also included. These pads can be stuck to the underside of the stand to help prevent it from sliding around on a desk.


The desktop bracket has 3 attachment points that give you the ability to adjust the elevation of the base.


Attaching the bracket to the base is a simple matter of choosing the angle, inserting the thumbscrew and tightening it down.


Once all the components are assembled, you’re ready to use The Laptop Stand to hold your notebook computer, a book, a projector, or other item.


Above you can see that I’m using this stand with my Apple Powerbook. The first thing you might notice is that the stand is a solid piece of plastic, with no slots to help with heat dissipation for the bottom of the laptop. Of course, this stand is no worse for your portable computer than just placing it flat on a desktop, but I do think that a few holes or slots for ventilation would make this product much nicer.


As I mentioned above, the height of the stand can be adjusted. I should also point out that the 1 inch tall lip on the bottom edge of the stand might interfere with CD trays or other features of various laptops.


One interesting thing that you can do with The Laptop Stand, is attach it to a tripod. The threaded hole in the base is the standard size that all tripods use for the camera attachment point. It worked great with one of my tripods pictured here.

The Laptop Stand is a simple product. There’s not much I can say good or bad about it. It does its intended job and looks spiffy while doing it. The only gotchas are the lack of ventilation and the possible feature blocking due to the front lip. Other than that, this shiny see-thru stand will fit into the decor of most homes / offices, helping to raise your laptop to an angle that is easier to view and use.


Product Information

Manufacturer:Pfeffer Industries
Retailer:Pfeffer Industries
  • Easy to setup
  • Adjustable
  • Stylish
  • No heat ventilation slots

10 thoughts on “The Laptop Stand”

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  2. I’ve considered this stand for my Tablet PC, but am curious about a couple of things:

    1. How steady is the stand? I mean, given one leg, I’d think that it would be a bit unsteady for typing (or inking for that matter).

    2. Would you consider this to be a portable solution? I’d like to get a stand that I could carry with my Toshiba M200. This looks lightweight and easy to slip into a laptop backpack. Is that assumption correct?

    Thanks in advance.

  3. techvoyager:

    I found the stand to be steady while touch typing with 2 hands. That said, the minimum angle was still too steep for me to touch type comfortably. I would suggest that a separate keyboard be plugged in. As taking this stand with you, it is possible, but too bulky in my opinion. I would more likely to recommend something more along the lines of:

  4. Julie,

    Thanks for the info. I’ve tried all kinds of stands for my Toshiba when it’s in Ink mode, but will need to consider the two that you linked to as they seem more sturdy and portable.

  5. Hi Julie,

    I’m thinking of getting one of these, but I’m a little concerned about it bending with the weight of the laptop. Did you notice any bending?

    Also, could you let me know how thick the plastic is?



  6. Edgar:

    I did not notice any bending. The stand is very sturdy. Unless your laptop weighs 25lbs or more, I think you’ll be just fine 😉

    I no longer have this stand, but I believe the plastic was close to .25in thick.

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