Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-07-18

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I had a problem start occurring in Outlook about a week ago, and it was really starting to frustrate me – to the point that I started running Thunderbird
just to check a single email account – but the issue was still not solved! I should probably stop for a moment and give you some background…

So I have seven different email adresses that I check through Outlook. Two of them are through The Gadgeteer’s server, but they are different accounts for different websites. This means that they use the exact same POP & SMTP settings (and the same user names) but they have vastly different passwords. I also have three Cox cable email accounts, two
Gmail accounts and a separate website’s server based email – all of these accounts were working
perfectly in tandem together through Outlook, until the other day.

I’m not even sure exactly when it started, but my Gadgeteer account stopped remembering its password. The box saying to keep it saved was checked in my setup windows, yet the password window would pop up every five minutes – as often as I have my email set to check itself, asking me to insert the password – which I could see displayed! In this reminder window, the password saved box would not be checked. The minute I hit any option in the box – including cancel- my email would start coming in.

It was absolutely making me crazy that Outlook had no problems whatsoever “remembering” my Traveling Fools email account’s password, and all of its settings were exactly the same as
the Gadgeteer accounts. No other email account was affected, and the best advice
I could get was to start using Mozilla’s Thunderbird.

Well, I did.

I deleted my Gadgeteer account completely from Outlook, loaded it’s setting into
Thunderbird and resigned myself to using two different email clients. Not
exactly a great solution, but I was willing to do it.

Now before you ask why I would need to continue running Outlook at all, please remember that it is the
date book that my iPAQ and my i550 sync with. I also have years worth of email
stored in there, and I liked the organizing folder system I had going.

Well guess what? Outlook
kept on grabbing Gadgeteer email from the server, it even went so far as to continue giving me the same password error on occasion, although there was no way technically that it should have been able to, as I had removed all of its information! GRRRRR!

Finally, in frustration, I deleted Thunderbird and went back to Outlook, resigning myself to somehow finding the cure. I couldn’t even do a system restore because by this point I
couldn’t remember when Outlook had last operated correctly.

This afternoon I started digging, and my determination finally paid off. I have found the culprit! Deleting
Spybot Search & Destroy also deleted my Outlook password problem.

I am sure that I am not the only person this has happened to, so I am putting my solution out there…just in case
someone else is just as frustrated. I am sure that there was a setting inside
the program that might have erased the problem if I found it and changed it, but
you know what? At this point I don’t even care. :0P

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