Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-03-21

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I am back from the ranch and after a week of living in paradise, my only complaint was having to deal with a spotty Starband satellite modem. I suppose I should be thankful that I had any internet connection at all, but you just can't imagine how happy I am to once again have my dependable and speedy Cox cable connection.
While perusing the tech support pages of the Starband site I learned a couple of interesting things, the least of which was that Starband “forbids” the use of a router with their modem. In their words, “Networking the StarBand service via a router or other hardware device connected directly to the StarBand satellite modem is expressly forbidden.” Can you even begin to guess how irritating I found that to be? Never mind that the service was so spotty, they were forbidding me to use the wireless router I had packed so that I could enjoy my wirelss laptop and PDA. Choice words come to mind.
When the day comes that we build our house out there, I hope that DSL will be available on the already buried phone lines… :0P

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