Julie’s Gear Diary – 2005-03-01

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Treo Update

It's here, it's charged and it's activated. Whee! That's why I posted a Gadgeteer of the Month article tonight, I wanted to setup my new phone instead of writing about a gadget ;o) Speaking of which, we're running dangerously low on GOTM submissions. Come on guys, send in your stories.

Back to the Treo… I'm considering writing a usage article instead of a full fledged review. Judie reviewed the 600 and this one isn't THAT much different.

In other news, special thanks goes out to Meredyth, one of our readers for hunting up a 1GB Apple Shuttle and shipping to me. I couldn't help myself, I kept seeing all the nifty little accessories and just caved and bought one. Should have it before the weekend.

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