LavNav Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Review

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Product Requirements:
Two AA batteries, a clean toilet lid

This is one of those products I truly wish that I could have invented.
It is amazingly brilliant, simple to operate, does what it says, makes no
mistakes, and it serves a higher purpose. I bet that this gadget could even save
a marriage…seriously. Without further ado, I give you the

LavNav Night Light

"Lav" is for Lavatory, "Nav" is for Navigation, the rest is self explanatory.
What this gizmo does is make sure that should the lord or lady of the manor need
to use the facilities in the middle of the night, there will be no surprises,
wet or otherwise.

The LavNav is approximately 3.5" tall x 3" wide x 0.75" thick. Consisting of
a white plastic shell which features a combination of motion and light sensors
on the front, the rear is a flat area with a large patch of double-stick tape.


The rear slides off to release the front portion, which also holds two AA

Installation is easy, just peel the backing from the double-stick tape and
attach it to the clean lid of the toilet…


 making sure that when the seat is up, the top portion of the LavNav
will be covered.


Now check this out…the lights will only come on in a dark room, and
they will only come on when the motion sensor is tripped. Red will appear
if the lid is up, and green will appear if the seat is down. This is true simple


No more night lights running all night long – shining on the far wall from
where you need them, no more turning on the bathroom light and really waking
yourself up in the middle of the night, no more guesswork,  no more wet

I’ve installed this one in our master bath, I want a couple more for the
house and to use as gifts this year. I bet you know someone who could really use
this brilliant device. Why oh why did I not invent this myself?

Price: $25.95

Works as advertised
No more surprises

I didn’t invent this, I am not making money off of the idea :0(


Product Information

Manufacturer:Convenient Gadgets
  • Brilliant
  • Simple
  • Works as advertised
  • No more surprises
  • I didn't invent this, I am not making money off of the idea :0(

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  2. I feel I have wasted $50. Unfortunately I have misplaced “Lucy”s phone number. She is the one with whom I communicated (very helpful) I have had a toilet light in my bathroom (His ‘n’ HERS) for 30 plus years, works perfectly, no longer available. I located LavNav for 2 other bathrooms, rarely used, children gone purely for guests. On Mon.,Jan. 12 I went into one of them, Toilet seat down, light in the water, rusted. It had worked fine on Thanksgiving. I had ordered these just before the holiday. The other one I disconnected because it took too long to light up, not sensored properly. Am I stuck?

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