Judie’s Gear Diary – 2004-10-06

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Now that I am back to using a Pocket PC as my daily driver, I am once again enjoying the built-in Today Screen and all of the little programs that can be displayed there.
These make my whole PPC experience more enjoyable and personalized. Two of the programs I can't do without, Journal Bar and Battery Pack Pro are by Omega One.
Journal Bar
displays my weather, personalized news and stocks, local movie times and
reviews, local TV listings, sports scores, horoscopes and custom links to
favorite web pages. All of this information is accessible from a small section
of real estate on my Today screen.

Battery Pack Pro includes
a battery bar which displays battery, memory, storage card, network information
as well as time, time zone and backlight data. The best part is that when the
battery is low or fully charged, a woman's voice will tell me so. She'll also
notify me when my memory reaches too low of a percentage. Included with Battery
Pack Pro is a Program Bar which is completely customizable.
Be sure to check out the Omega One site, because these programs offer many
more features than I have mentioned here. :0)

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