Julie’s Gear Diary – 2004-05-14

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With regards to our gear diaries, things sure have been quiet around here lately. I just noticed that I haven't posted anything new in 11 days! I've been busy doing the remodeling thang… Painting bedrooms, carpeting, adding a roof over my front porch, painting the exterior of the house, new gutters, and getting ready to do the garage. Granted, a contractor has been doing everything EXCEPT the interior painting, but still… it's been hopping around my house lately.

I'm totally switched over to using my Powerbook full time now. The switch was much easier this time, and I'm enjoying the OS more than I thought I ever would. I only turn on my PC when I need to grab a file that I've not copied over yet or to print (I've still not decided on what do do about printing…) something. I'm now in the market for a one button (or similarly simple) backup solution for the Mac. Something with LOTS of space and maybe even the ability to plug into a PC for backup too.

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