PDair 3 in 1 Styli Review

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Product Requirements:
Just about every current model PDA 

If you are the type that is constantly losing your stock stylus, then you
probably don’t worry yourself too much with the idea of getting a better
replacement that will fit in the stock silo. If you are the type that carries a
multi-pen in your pocket or bag, then this review probably won’t concern you.
But if you prefer to use a stylus that fits in your PDA’s silo and you
occasionally need a ballpoint pen for quick notes, then you should take a look
at the PDair line of 3 in 1 replacement styli.

I was sent models for the Palm Tungsten|T, Sony CLIÉ NZ90, and the iPAQ 1900
series, though there are quite a few more models that will fit various available PDAs.

Picture of NZ90 stylus courtesy of Brando website

Right away, I was impressed that these styli fit in their respective PDAs
perfectly and that they each had a good black nylon writing tip that worked
equally well with or without screen protection.

Each stylus includes a reset tip – but it is one accessible by unscrewing a
only if that was the style of the original stylus. That means that the Tungsten|T
stylus doesn’t have anything unnecessary to unscrew, whereas the NZ90’s stylus
unscrews to reveal a miniature reset pin.

Those of you that enjoy flicking your Tungsten’s stylus will be pleased to
note that PDair was able to retain the pop-up quality to the T’s stylus that we
all like so much.

Each stylus has a silver metal barrel and black plastic trim pieces. In the
case of my NZ’s stylus, I feel that this greatly improved upon the look of the

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If you want a similar to stock, yet better than original stylus, then you
should take a look at PDair’s offerings.

The PDair
3 in1 Stylus is available from
Brando and other retailers.

Price: $15

Includes a ballpoint pen in the same form factor as original stylus
Improves upon most original styli’s tip
Built in reset pin



Product Information

  • Includes a ballpoint pen in the same form factor as original stylus
  • Improves upon most original styli's tip
  • Built in reset pin
  • None

7 thoughts on “PDair 3 in 1 Styli Review”

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  2. Judie:

    This replacement stylus review was great (as were the case reviews…) but you didn’t tell me the one thing I wanted to know:

    Is the PDAir stylus heavier than the stock Sony NZ90 stylus? Does it have a better ‘feel’ in the hand?



  3. Tony,

    Both styli weigh exactly 4g, and I would say that they feel exactly the same too. There’s not much you can do with that little toothpick, and still have it fit in the silo. 😉

    Judie :0)

  4. I bought the TT version of the stylus, and it worked fine for 2 months. Then recently, the spring loaded mechanism got stuck ! Now it doesn’t extend no matter how I press on it. So I had to sadly give it up and return to my stock stylus.

    Darn, and the spring loaded mechanism was the whole reason why I bought the PDAir stylus in the first place. Now I’ll have to explore other replacement stylii, WITHOUT the spring loaded mechanism.

  5. chriszzz,

    You might try contacting whomever you bought the stylus from. I bet they would be willing to give you a replacement, because it sounds like the stylus you received was defective.

    Good luck!
    Judie :0)

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