Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-06-24

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I just got in from a week in Branson, and I have a couple of items to discuss…
First of all, I realized while I was gone that a monumental error that occurred on my part. While I have been galavanting all over the country this summer – first in Florida and now Branson (and Hawaii in August) – I completely forgot to post my yearly blurb mentioning my best friend's birthday (I did give her a gift – I just didn't do my annual post). Exactly 20 days ago, Julie gained a year – and I forgot to let you all know so that you all could join in the annual well-wishing with me. She hasn't said a word about it – which makes me feel even worse. So please, join me in offering up belated birthday wishes to Julie, our very own Gadgeteer!

In a total change of subject…I do not have a SIM card with which I can test this new smartphone. I can't even access the main menu without one. Blah! The nearest T-Mobile dealer is 90 miles away, and I am not sure that I will have service in San Angelo – even if I were to go buy a phone and get a plan – just to get a SIM card. SO, does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get around this?
UPDATE: Thanks to everyone that wrote me with SIM card solutions, and thanks in particular to Henry Martinez who steered me to eBay. I have picked up a brand new T-Mobile card for $20. :0)

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