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Name: Vic Icasas
Location: Manila, Philippines

Hi there! My name is Vic Icasas and I’m from Manila, in the Philippines. I’m
30 years old.

In my line of work (and play), I get to fool around with tons of cool gadgets on
a daily basis, and I’m not even a gadget reviewer. I’m a professional
composer/arranger – I have been doing music for TV and radio commercials for
about a decade, and am part owner of the largest audio post production facility
in the Philippines.

At my desk, I use:

A dual 1 gig Apple Quicksilver G4 with 1GB of RAM and a 21" monitor, 
running Digital Performer 3.1 and Reason A 1Ghz Pentium III PC running
GigaStudio, Acid, Battery, and a bunch of other audio apps.

An old Radius Mac clone running a pair of NuBus SampleCell cards A Yamaha S80
88-key MIDI keyboard controller A bunch of other MIDI keyboards, modules,
mixers, processors, and other assorted noise making gadgetry.

A photo of my setup can be found here:

On a daily basis, I carry around an Ogio JackPack messenger bag containing:

Apple Titanium Powerbook G4 667mhz with 1GB of RAM
Compaq iPaq 3870 with CF sleeve
Compaq foldable keyboard
SonyEricsson t68i GSM/GPRS cellphone
SonyEricsson HBH-15 Bluetooth headset
Sony MDR-888 earbuds
Creative Labs Nomad Jukebox
Olympus mju-II point and shoot 35mm camera loaded with B&W film

About two years ago, I (inadvertently) got into photography when I started
reading up on it so I could help my wife buy an SLR . I bought her a Pentax, but
I also bought myself a Nikon Coolpix 800 point and shoot digicam, and eventually
traded up to a Canon Powershot Pro90IS. From there, I moved on to a Canon
EOS-D30, and now my current setup consists of:

Canon EOS-1D digital SLR
Canon 70-200mm f/4
Canon 28-135mm f/3.5-5.6
Canon 50mm f/1.4
Sigma 15-30mm f/3.5-5.6
Canon 420EX flash / Sigma EF-500 Super flash
various Lowepro bags and Manfrotto tripods

Although I still consider myself a hobbyist, I’ve been shooting quite seriously
for the past year, and I love shooting sports, concerts, and
cars. I like to travel a lot too, and think that travel photography is something
I could really get into. I’m pretty proud of the fact that
some of my recent work has already been published in a couple of magazines,
despite having only 2 years of experience under my belt.

Someday I dream of shooting for Sports Illustrated, or National Geographic, or
even Automobile Magazine. But last month I at least got
to shoot the cover and most of the photos for a new Philippine magazine called
the Reviewer, featuring a guest column by …. Judie and Julie!

You can check out some of my photography at:

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