Judie’s Gear Diary – 2003-04-16

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One of my uncle's favorite hobbies, while he was alive, was researching our family's genealogy and history. Evidently he enlisted people from all over the country to aid him in his quest, and while he was alive he compiled a nice thick record of our history back into the 1700s. It gets a little murkey any further back than that, and then of course there are all of the new members of the family that have appeared since his death in 1986.
Last night, I finally decided to be the one to do the updating. Marriages, Divorces, Births, Deaths, all of it…but guess what? Unlike my uncle, who had to rely on paper and pen and hours spent in courthouses across the country – I have the luxury of a Palm program, a PC program, and the vast resources of the internet. I am listing two of the programs that I am trying out – and if you know of any that are better/more user friendly/more comprehensive – definitely let me know. Maybe I will be able to go back even further than Tom (my maternal uncle) was able to…then (of course) there is my father's entire side of the family, which were emmigrants from Ireland and Holland.
It looks like I have my work cut out for me, but this may turn into a fun hobby. :0)

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